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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Human Ken doll looks pained as he endures hours of Botox and fillers (Photos)

Just last week, Rodrigo Alves, was in the news for a cosmetic procedure he had which bruised his skin badly (read here). Now, he has visited the plastic surgeon's place again, this time, to have another set of botox and fillers injected into his face.
The 33-year-old visited Dr Deniz Kanliada in London’s Harley Street for the cosmetic procedures which lasted three hours and it looked to be a painful procedure going from the pained look on Rodrigo's face. For the recent procedure, he had his lips plumped and fillers injected below his eyes. He can be seen in one of the photos wincing as the needle pierced his face. After they were done, the Brazilian-born surgery fanatic put an ice pack on his face before admiring the result of the procedure in a hand mirror.

He recently opened up to The Sun Online about his years of surgical procedures and how he wished people would respect his “courage and bravery” for them.

He said:
“It’s been a long journey for me. I’ve put myself through so much plastic surgery and so much pain and I wish people would give me more credit for my courage, my bravery."
More photos below.


Julius Tha Freshboi said...

idiot.... na ur body!

Susan Omalicha Stanley said...

All for beauty, na im own cup of tea

dupe said...

Does he expect people to sympathise with him or accord him some kind of ovation???
Oluwa Ku suru o!

David Uzor said...

Anu ofia

Anonymous said...

So ugly

Juwency said...

Another one go send am hell

diceng said...


Anonymous said...

Good for you

MUFC said...

Whatever rocks his boat

sandracruzzz said...

Death knocking on his door

Anonymous said...

Courage and Bravery, okwia!?!

Adakally said so said...

With all the plastic surgery and bullshit done, he is still as ugly as ever. Nothing absolutely nothing cute about him.

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