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Monday, 10 April 2017

How to register for the Selfmade Woman Conference

If you would like to attend our Selfmade Woman Conference on April 22nd at Oriental Hotel, please register here. If you're unable to register, don't worry, you can still show up but registering will make it easier for us all. Also remember, no gate fees and this conference is open to all women. See you then!


daniel ubong said...

How about up coming young guys Linda,reason us small bikonu.

Tobore said...

cool... nice one, you are building momentum for your self made event. Want to increase your penis size?

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


... Merited happiness

Debbie Chelsea said...

Wish I can attend

Nancy said...

I really wish that is possible for me to attend but am far away in Jalingo.If is possible to
make a video to learn from.Aspiring for greatness and making impact too.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Linda....but bringing this conference down to others states like Enugu will be a nice one. it must not always be Lagos, Ph, Abuja and the rest. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Aunty Linda, what of selfmade men?

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Anonymous said...

Trying to register but not going.

Anonymous said...

Linda, are females the only ones that need to learn how to be self-made? Why can't your male viewership and supporters benefit from the initiative also?


Trying to register my number but it is not going.

Anonymous said...

You well?

Faith Avwe said...

Unable 2 register

Olufunke Olasunkanmi said...

Hi Linda, there isn't a link to click for registration nor detail segment. Please look into this.
Much thanks.

Anonymous said...

linda i wonder if you are a lesbian ehn can't you also do men's own haba wetin we men dey for

Unknown said...

What do I do?I could not register it says registration closed

Cynthia Chinyere said...

Can I attended without registering I really need to be there

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