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Monday, 10 April 2017

How I helplessly watched my only son die in my hands - A pathetic story...

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It was on a bright saturday afternoon, just hot like every other saturday. I was at a wedding reception of a friend with my husband and our three children. About an hour after our arrival, my son (18 years old) started feeling very uneasy and uncomfortable so we advised him to go outside and stay for a while so he can enjoy some fresh air and get better.
He stood up and took some few steps away from our table and suddenly, he just slumped on the ground. I rushed towards him and my husband ran after me, together with some other guests that noticed the accident.
With the help of other people, we carried him outside, with the hope that he just needed some fresh air.

We laid him on the floor, loosened his shirts and we fanned him with everything we could lay our hands on and sprinkled water on his face but after about 3 minutes, my son still remained motionless.
Then one of the men around advised we take him to hospital and we quickly carried him into our car and drove off.

On our way to the hospital, i was at the back seat with my son with his head placed on my thigh. I watched him helplessly, i did not know what to do so we only showered all the prayers we could, hoping he will wake up while we were in the car but all to no avail.
It took us about 20 minutes to get to the neareat hospital due to the saturday afternoon traffic in lagos.

On getting to the gospital, We carried him out of the car and straight into the hospital emergency room. The nurses quickly brought all their equipments and called on the doctor to come and attend to us.

Seconds later, the doctor surfaced and checked on my son.
He then turned to my husband and i and gave us the most shocking look i have ever witnessed in my life and told us that he was no more.

We wept out our lives that day.... A wedding ceremony we will never forget.... A black saturday for us.


It is quite unfortunate that most people do not know how to handle basic medical emergencies in order to keep a victim alive and stable till they get to the nearest hospital.
This is quite unfortunate as we continue loosing our loved ones carelessly on daily basis at our homes, work places, schools, event centers etc.

From this story, the boy might have suffered from heart attack or shock and ordinary Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) from his parents would have kept him alive till they get to the hospital.
This is why you need the services of Golden Hour Medics ltd.

Golden Hour Medics ltd is an Organization that render training services on Emergency Medical care (Basic Life support & First Aid skills). Our Organization is made up of well experienced Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics and we are a member of the Nigerian Red cross Society.

We train people on how to manage:

* Unconsciousness (with CPR)
* Choking while eating
* Sudden seizure
* Asthma attack
* Ingestion of poisoneous substances
* Dislocation and fractures
* Burns
* Massive Bleeding
* Animal bites & stings
* Heart attack
* Stroke (CVA)
* Head, Chest & Abdominal injuries

We have trained Government Agencies, Corporate Organizations, School teachers and students, Parents, Nannies etc.
We can still partner with companies (as part of their CSR) to train school children or those in the rural areas on this very important medical skills.

You can contact us for more info:

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Medical emergencies can happen to anybody, anywhere, anytime... Get trained, stay prepared and save a life!!!


Anonymous said...

My son usually bleed from the nose, how can we stop it? We have being to so many hospitals but it kept on reoccuring.

Ifeoma ubosi said...

Nice one, i think everyone actually needs this kind of training

Sharon said...

okay.. we have seen it. Get a Bigger Penis Using Penis Exercises @

Anonymous said...

I was once in an aircraft and one of the passengers started convulsing and nobody knew what to do. Its a pity

Niny said...

Nice one very necessary

Excitment Excit said...

Howvold is he? He will ad grown happened to my elder siblings in third teen's. But they ad grown it

Anonymous said...

Our security agencies need this training

Fatima Bello said...

One woman was hit down by a car last month and people gathered and started snapping pictures instead of helping her. Even the police join for the picture snapping

Nkechi Igwe said...

Is it proper to take palm oil if you mistakingly swallow poison?

Sam said...

I witnessed a man collapsed in a bank this week and it took a long time before he was attended to and taken to the hospital. I hope he survived

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