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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Guess who the new maga in town is?

Remember those days when you wished you got payed for playing interesting games you loved? Now is the time.
There are times we need to clear our minds or ease off the day’s stress especially at a time like this, when the government has given us the excuse of an ongoing recession and our employers use it as an opportunity to owe employees salary for months and the market women use it as an excuse to make feeding almost impossible.
To be on the right frame of mind, it always helps to play a favorite game, but what if you choose to play a game and then you get paid for it?

I am sure almost everyone can relate to that. Well, there is someone who knows what it’s like to wish you can be paid for doing what you love and he is the “new maga in town.”

Meet Richmonk, he rewards you for making him laugh on his online gaming platform, by rewarding you.

To all the game lovers out there, this smart Maga is who you need to meet. Richmonk only pays you when you go on and play a game of your choice. If you happen to make him laugh, then trust me, Richmonk will reward you.

This fun for money goes beyond winning cash as you can either receive your money straight to your account or convert it to airtime.

On, it’s all about your preferred game type. You can get into the game as a cowboy playing Cowboy County or try surviving Death Night as zombies come after you.  You can also enjoy a smooth or rough ride as a pilot trying to get a witch safely to her destination. Not leaving out the crazy runner picking up all the good stuff as he tries not to get knocked down by moving vehicles, sounds interesting right? Well, on there are many more engaging games to play and win money from.

What are you waiting for, visit now.


Anonymous said...

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Sandy said...

cool... nice... Here is how to get a big penis

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


.. Merited happiness

Agu Chibueze said...


Taofeek said...

I've actually won on this platform. lol I was skeptical about it initially and played with 100 Naira. I won 5k ������‍♂️��

Mr Tee said...

I actually remember when i played Ps3 like i was being paid for it. Nice one guys

senami atika said...

I have played and won so it's absolutely true. Richmonk is my own maga oooo.

Anonymous said...

Why una dey lie like this. This poeple just clean my 1k5

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