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Monday, 17 April 2017

Exclusive video: TBoss reveals that she compromised on speaking her mind in the BBN house, while Debbie-Rise says she couldn't let herself go

2nd and 3rd Runner up of the concluded Big Brother Naija 2017 show, TBoss and Debbie-Rise came over to our TV studios recently and here are some interesting excerpts from their exclusive interview which we released on our YouTube Channel - Linda Ikeji TV.

On how they are feeling to be back home
"It's so good to be back home. It's still unreal. I am overwhelmed by the love and the attention, I am not used to it. It's a lot but it's so good, It feels so good, " TBoss said.
"I feel very, very blessed. It's just amazing. All the belief and the love, people went all out. It's overwhelming I must say," Debbie-Rise said.
On what they had to compromise in the house.
"Letting myself go. I knew I had to be disciplined in the house. When I say disciplined, I don't mean that I was not being myself or being fake, but I knew that I had to because I know where I am going. I know that nothing good comes easy. I had to work for this thing. I compromised the excess comfort I would have had in that kind of environment where you would just eat and sleep all day. There were times I refused to sleep in the afternoon, because I knew that I just had to entertain," Debie-Rise said.
"Actually speaking my mind sometimes. There are times when I just felt like Ok, Tboss, this is one of those moments where you see or hear something and you just keep 'pom' quiet. It's not every time. My mum used to tell me that it's not everything you see that you talk or complain. So, sometimes I just had to keep quiet and hope that it passes," TBoss said.
On why they went for Big Brother Naija 2017
"The money was very appealing and the platform, I wanted to do radio and be behind the scenes. Then I saw the auditions and thought OK, this would be an amazing platform for radio, for me to kick start that, But everything  changed. Trust me, when you go into that house with two dreams, you come out with a pocket full of dreams," TBoss said.
"For me, it was basically the platform. I understood that the Big Brother Naija platform is a very big one. I wanted people to see me, get to know this Debie-Rise. Just get to know me. The line of career that I have chosen is one that I am interacting with so many people. I felt it was perfect," Debie-Rise said.
On Whether Debie has low self esteem (A question taken from from fans following LIB on Instagram)
"I would actually beg to differ, I don't want to brag but  you know sometimes people confuse you being quiet and you being calm for not being confident," Debbie answered.
On TBoss and Jon; Asked if she has feelings for Jon and consider dating him outside the house?
"He's such a cutie. He's really cute and has a fantastic, nice soothing voice. He was a nice guy, actually very intelligent. NO," TBoss said. 

On why TBoss nominated Miyonse, she said:
"Because I felt he was messing up my aura. I liked him, He was the only person I was familiar with when he got into the house. We both came from Abuja. But he was an unnecessary distraction for me and I came into that house with my eyes on the prize. I wanted to get that money. I had dreams, I still have dreams. He was derailing me. To be very honest, I thought I would be the only one that would nominate him. I swear down, because he was very popular. He had this very infectious laugh, people liked him. I thought people actually like him in the house. I was going to even tell him, but as it so happened, he was put up. I went back to Big Brother in one of my diary sessions and had a melt down, asking if I can undo the nomination."
On whether Debbie-Rise has heard from her daddy

"As at the time of this interview (on Wednesday last week), not yet. Reports however have it that Popsy is not so angry. His vex was out of love. The thing I didn't do was tell him about it. It came up as a surprise to him and in my defense, that was because I didn't want to tell him he'll say no and Ill still go. That would be like disobedience," she replied.

On whether Miyonse was using TBoss, which he admitted in a Linda Ikeji TV interview claiming he suspected she would have a higher fan base than the other girls,
"Yeah, he told me. It was a game. He was there to win the money to go and spend with his girlfriend. Miyonse and I bonded really quickly and the first kiss we shared was during the kissing festival which we were kind of like pushed into by other housemates. It wasn't something I was going to do on my own. I liked and was comfortable with him. It was all a game," TBoss said.

When asked whether she was single, TBoss said; "I am single and very very very ready to mingle, but I am not rushing into anything."

On Debie's feelings for Bassey, whether she has any for him?

"When I came into the house, I thought I would be close to Bally. Bassey came and I didn't think I would be close to him. But then first night, we came in a week after the other housemates had been in the house. We were actually on lock down , Isolated somewhere. We had been sleeping all  our lives. When we came that day, we couldn't even sleep. Both of us chatted and started singing till the next morning. We bonded. I feel like he is my friend. No, I wou....
Watch the video below...


Anonymous said...

Tboos Shuld go and sit down pls! She fucked d little boy. All these are stories

Eddy Ogbunambala said...


christie benjamin said...

Their friendship is what i love the most about dem..

Anonymous said...

I see no friendship here, all I see is tboss using Debbie like a fool and debbi tagging along like a puppet cos of her low self esteem

Anonymous said...

Debbie rise is very intelligent and well brought up.

Anonymous said...

Tboss will fail in future with all these dreams. She will be jack of all trades master of none.

AOI said...

I'm surprised that everyone seems to avoid the key questions for TBoss, and the primary reason a very large section of Nigerians disliked her.

The questions are:

* As a Nigerian seeking acceptance, what is a ring doing on your nose?

* Why are you advertising those big rings on your nipples?

* Why do you have so many tattoos. Would you have been happy if you were born with that many patches all over your body?

* Describe the category of persons that told you those rings and tattoos make you look fine

* Are you just out trying to corrupt Nigerian children?

* Do you really feel Nigerian?

My advice to the media. Do an online poll and you'll find out that many Nigerians were afraid for their children because of Tboss. We know the world is changing but people like Tboss are negative agents of that change. I can tell you that if at any point on that show she realised herself and removed that Nose ring, she would have won our hearts. Nigerians like fine things and she's beautiful, but she's on self distruction and wickedly wants to drag our children along by going on national television to advertise rubbish.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

D only person that fucked two men in the house was Bisola. I watched, she didn't fuck any guy, just kisses. If she had then y nominate him

Truthurts said...

Did u c her Fucking him? Oloshi u will remain Anonymous. Tboss u re hot like kilode?

Anonymous said...

Seems u were watching back of ur tv or social media!! Idiat!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous, a caward is still wat you are. period!

Anonymous said...

D sky is d limit of Tboss, d only real person in big brother Naija with big heart without fatish character & adulteration in behave. From Mrs Orisakwe.

Juwency said...

Abeg mek una leave tboss, she's as real as a spoilt litle brat ahome.
I like her anyway

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