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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Dear Parents, Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt parents are helping their children succeed academically. Join the league of proud parents

As parents, what can be compared to the joy gained from your child’s academic success? What is more pleasant than being able to show-off your child’s excellent result? NOTHING! This is why over 75% of parents do all it takes to provide the best support for their children early in life…read Q&A with Nigeria’s top academic solutions provider .

 What do I need to know about supporting my child academically? 

As top educational consultants we have noticed that parents are beginning to show a lot more zeal and concern towards the academic stance of their children. As encouraging as this may sound we are more concerned about parents who are yet to understand the secret behind raising an all-round successful child.
It must be understood that children have different learning methods, different weaknesses and strength. No child can thrive been taught with a method contrary to his/her learning abilities, that is why some smart students still get left behind in class.

For this reason at every point children require a customised approach to learning, a method whereby each student is assessed, and taught based on their learning abilities, this is what true learning is all about.

Why can’t the school teachers provide all these assistance during classes?

Children want to be listened to, they want to have more time talking about their academic threats, they need some level of privacy to be able to let out their fears and flaws, children want to be fully engaged so as to understand difficult terms clearly. Will a school teacher do all these for your child? NO. That is why your child needs that extra support with the aid of a private tutor.

Which platform guarantees you the best set of professional tutors in Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt?

Thousands of parents will respond to this saying Prepclass tutors

What are the benefits of using a Prepclass tutor?

Our expert tutors work at a student’s pace, give personalised attention, understand how they learn and explore the best way to explain difficult topics to them. They work through specific learning obstacles with students, and teach them useful study and exam techniques.
All of our private tutors are experts in their field, have their own materials, make their students feel at ease, are flexible, adaptable and know how to get the very best out of their students. They are all experienced, have taught in schools for at least 3 years and hold a degree in their respective area of teaching.

How can Prepclass be reached?
You can give us a call now on 01-2913970 or 08059811502 and request for an expert tutor. A consultant will speak with you to understand your needs and provide you with the best solutions. You can also visit our Lagos headquarters on the 3rd floor No. 315 Herbert Macaulay Road, Yaba, Lagos(Beside Methodist church) or the Abuja office at No. 29 Mambillia Street, Off Aso Drive, Maitama Abuja

How long does it take to get a professional tutor from you?

After contacting us you can get a tutor in any area within 3 working days.
Whether you need home tutors in Lekki, home tutors in Ikoyi, home tutors in Lagos, home tutors in Portharcourt or home tutor in Abuja, Prepclass is here to help your child reach their goals and beyond.

SIGN UP and give your child that desired boost. You can also call 01-2913970 or 08059811502 now to speak with an educational consultant.

Watch one of Prepclass tutors talk about her achievements with a learner.

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