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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Chris Brown says Quavo from Migos betrayed him by dating Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown feels betrayed by Quavo from Migos, a person he regarded as a friend until he started dating his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran.

According to TMZ, Chris Brown who had both a personal and business relationship with Quavo, believes Karreuche got a restraining order on him at the time she started hooking up with Quavo, adding that Quavo and Karreuche planned it all so as the get him completely out of the way. Read TMZ report after the cut.

Chris Brown is angry, feeling like he was stabbed in the back by Quavo from Migos... a man he thought was a good friend until he started dating Karrueche Tran.
Our CB sources say ... Chris had both a business and personal relationship with Quavo ... inviting him to his home, collaborating on songs before Migos hit big, and supporting the group by attending multiple promotional parties.
Chris is livid that he actually helped promote Migos' recent hit album, "Culture," at the same time Quavo was secretly seeing his ex-girlfriend.
Chris believes it's no coincidence Karrueche got a restraining order against him at the very time she started getting tight with the Migos rapper. He believes this was orchestrated by both Karrueche and Quavo to clear the decks so they could date, without caring they would make him look like a chump.
Before Chris found out the 2 were dating, he did an interview with Billboard and called Migos "my real friends and brothers" and said, "I will never hate on you ni**as." 
Well, now he does.


AbokiDaWarriBoy said...

WhoThemHelp ???

~glo rule your world~ cos I do•

Anonymous said...

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Wesley said...

So Chris Brown is still obsessed about her? Here is how to get a big penis

damilola deborah said...

this guy is not OK. though am a fan but she has to move on now


Breezy should move on already and stopped being obsessed about Karrueche.

. ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA



Anonymous said...

Chris Brown's baby mama is karrueche's friend naa.

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

I just don't get! If he truly loved her why did cheat on her...

Long live LIB

Oghenetega said...

Super Story..
I thot he has Moved on..
U cheated on her & Kept a Child away from her until she Found out on Tabloids. .
Mr. MAN get a Life & let these gorl breath easily ..
At least U have a restraijing order 2 stay way from her Now We go breath..
Yeye Boi doing as if he own the Girl.
Leave her & Find Love elsewhere Joor than Sulking like a Biatchie..

judith umeh said...

Lol see how bitter it can taste.... Lol

ngfineface said...

I wish Chris and his ex could out the past behind them and start again. He loves her so much and can't seems to take his eyes off her.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

Arindin....don't comment on post u don't intend to read..u really don't need to have an opinion on everything LIB

Realise that the situation here isn't bout d hoe...but d friend who d whole time wanted ur GF...hugé disrespect for ur friend to start dating ur ex almost right away..are u such friend ?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is obsession, you have moved on and been parading your new girlfriend. Let Karueche be!

She doesnt want you no more . Leave her alone! Period!

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