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Sunday, 30 April 2017

"Be a proud woman and don't allow these stupid men to use you" - John Njamah says to women facing domestic violence

In the wake of another Nollywood actress' marriage breaking on the grounds of domestic violence, actor/filmmaker John Njamah advices ladies to wake up. According to him;
"Women!.. why can't our women learn!?.. it seems the more you advise them the more difficult it becomes for them to comprehend.. Gosh!!.. we need to introduce social media classes so that these women nd the younger women to come will understand how not to throw their entire lives out there... now all they want to do is SLAY and splash photos on insta when the home front is not so rossy... and when the STUPID women beater do their thing, you come crying to us.. THE HAND WRITING HAS BEEN ON THE WALL FOR YOU TO SEE GIRL... but no!! U must marry that man that has plenty money, or that footballer that can splash u with ur greedy needs.. or that politician that takes u on trips around the world.. and Batters you in the process. But you will rather stay in the marriage becos of the shame it mite bring you when the rest of the world knows how it is for you , with all the lies you hav told in the past. Honesty!!.. this false life is getting too much on our women..( especially my sisters in the entertainment industry)..live you life!.. work hard!!. Be a proud woman and don't allow these stupid men to use you!. 
NOW YOU WANT US TO PITY YOU!.. YOU BROUGHT THIS UPON URSELF GIRL!.. there is a strong need for us to talk to our women.. over the past 2 years, domestic violence cases has risen to 65%. YOU ALL NED TO BE CAREFUL.. and to those IDIOTS!.. those women beaters that call themselves men, those MEN that don't have shame, those "men" that are heartless enuff to raise their hands and beat a woman to pulp remember that you hav daughters, sisters and mothers too.. its a vicious cycle nd it will come back to you.. WAKE UP GIRLS!!... WAKE UP!! #domesticViolence"


Tyler said...

Thats the truth my dear.... #thanks

Anonymous said...

No one deserve domestic violence sha

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

I wish they will listen...

Long live LIB

Anonymous said...

Shut up Panla..
Is that why ur Sisyer never Marry.?
U underground G Man..
No Woman deserves to be beaten like that Lunatic.
Mercy is Hardworking and IG is where she does her Businesses..
Talk 2 ur Men folks not the Women.
If Marriage is gonna crash nothing will salvage it & iF The Husband is an abuser nothing gonna change it..
Why can't the stupid Man divorce her instead of battering her like that..
Go Lecture ur Sister cause same way Timaya battered her b4 she Ran 4 her dear Life..Foolish Boy.

Anonymous said...

Wiyukipkwayet Faggot..Ur Sister the Actress needed this advice more than any other person Ode..
No be so Timaya dey Batter her Face way back then b4 his Family threw her out and carrying on Hoeloshoing the Abuja politicians work 4 head now calling herself Business Woman..or Na Nollywood gave her the cash.?
Abeg go advise ur Sister 1st..
No be U suppose open ur dirty stinking mouth dey Advice Actresses..
Mercy is an Hardworker and there is nothingwrong to wanna Marry a Rich Man..
When a Man is a Pig and women Beater that can never change thing Mr. Oversabi..

beatrice agboola said...

Thanks John. You have said nothing but the truth. May God help us all

Anonymous said...

Are U sure your sister woukd have left if not from Timayas Family pressure.?
Go back and ask Her abeg.
Every1 they get stupid opinion on others whereas their own Life is upside down.

ed DREAMZ said...

Not in Nigeria.... If she leaves where will she go..... E no easy at all....

Clara Udeh said...

Those who have ears let them dem hear

Clara Udeh said...

Those who have ears let them dem hear

Mikkyanu Bobo said...

Thank God he mentioned Girls. Nice drop.

uniquechic said...


Anonymous said...

woman stay on in bad marriages becos of the societal stigma of being "manless", fear of loneliness etc. it takes a strong woman to figure out that she deserves better no matter the circumstances.

dee boi said...

Let them stay in the marriage and be doing "he'll change someday nah"... dee

Anonymous said...

Look who's talking, didn't you impregnate a 100l girl in your final year in Ife? Save your advise for numbskulls like yourself!

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

Our girls keep asking y didn't d husband divorce her instead of beating her, they should also ask Why didn't Mercy Aigbe divorce him rather than Cheating?
Beating your wife is wrong, cheating on your husband is wrong, if the husband is to be prosecuted, the wife should not go unpunished too.

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