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Sunday, 9 April 2017

#BBNaijaFinale - Debie-Rise evicted from the house, 3rd runner up

Debie-Rise has become the second housemate out of the Top 5 to be evicted from the house during the ongoing finale show, She is the 3rd runner up.


Davido's driver said...


Anonymous said...

Ser how TTT dey sample wedding ring Bisola just open mouth wide.

Vivian Reginalds said...

ghen ghen
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Odibe Blessing said...

Chaiii my Debbie-rise,it's well...Congrats sweetie,you're the best.

#teamdebbie #risingnation

Anonymous said...

I love you Debie Rise. I voted like my life depended on it but you are a winner any day. So gentle like a dove. God bless you darling. You will do well. I'm proud of you and I'm sure your dad and family are proud of you too

Nnenne George said...

Am not a fan sha..

Sunday Desmond said...

hustling continues.

Tokunbo said...

We all saw it coming that she could not win BBN ... so it was expected. Here is how to get a big penis

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

My predictions worked perfectly

... Merited happiness

Ella chandelli said...

Ella Chandelier of life! Love me some beautiful Debbie

Emeka Izuogu said...

Love you Debbie wish you success

Anonymous said...

I wish you well Debbie. You need to believe in yourself more. Immediately Bassey was evicted, i predicted that you would cling to Tboss based on the traits you were exhibiting and it happened. This is sad because you are more talented, more humble, more down to earth than She is. All the traits she lacked you possessed. Yet it felt like she became the boss of your life. Even though we could see clearly right from the beginning of the game that you were not considered a friend by her. Also, dear, u share so much details to the public. You have to do it with moderation. Entertaining people does not mean riddling once self. I wish you well. Will be searching for your songs online.



Anonymous said...

Nice one anonymous.Debie-Rise doesn't know how much strength she possess, her staying till the finals just proved to people like Bassey, Bisola, Efe, TTT, Tboss, Marvis especially Bassey , she is worth more than what she's accepting from people.
I pray she should she brings herself up after the show and works on this very area in her life especially from the love angle if not she will be used and hurt especially in this entertainment industry she finds herself, she doesn't deserve that kind of.treatment, so, she needs to lock up and don't allow undeserving people in her life.

She should be weary of all the guys in the house because they will want to try their luck with her, Bally, Efe and Bassey ..she should shame them because she is strong and in control of her emotions.
God bless her real good because she's a good heart.
Her family and mentor should be on guide, she's got a.bright future but she needs her family's support, they should be her back bone.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the anonymous comments. Debie comes across as a,really gullible good natured person. At some point I realized that she and Bassey were actually the reason I watched BBN. Their chemistry, to me was so much fun cost you could see and admire theossibility of a trie friendship,which is rare these days. However, TBoss made sure she destroyed whatever was there and Bassey who I thought was so intelligent was completely enthralled by the I still can't imagine what about Tboss who was by this time Miyonse's and TTT' s leftovers. I still till date feel it affected his votes. And pls note no one is saying he has to date Debie but at the same time you don't treat friends that you have shared some really good times with the way he did Debie in the last 10'days to his eviction. Surprisingly the bewitch ment seems to have worn off a day before he left and he suddenly resisted all TBoss's attempts to distract him from Debie. But how Debie seemed to forget what Tboss and Bassey did to her and became Besto with her beats my imagination. But bassey thank you for saying you like Debie unlike that Marvis who so embarrassed Efe. I was like girl are you for real,or are you under the influence as well. I empatheise,with her cos I have a daughter and would hate to see her so taken advantage of. Anyhow I wish Debie the best of luck and look forward to seeing her RISE above all her detractors.

Anonymous said...

God bless you anonymous 22.14

Bassey treated Debie badly while he was the one pushing for her friendship right from the very start.Debie is the main reason Bassey dislikes Efe because he entered with Debie but Efe got Debie's attention.
Same with Efe, he wants friendship and when he finds out debie was pushing for more, he excused Debie but got jealous when Bassey finally got Debie's attention.
Bassey doesnt have a girlfriend, he mentioned he always have ladies on his case because he seems to be giving them wrong signals without him knowing, he came up with the gf and sleeping on the couch strategies to get ladies off his case bt he got attracted to Debie(he likes her but was doing everything to deny his feelings).
He got tired and got ashamed of Debie because she was too clingy and the housemates were making fun of them,so, he turned against her by his actions and not standing up for her, even joining housemates to laugh at her back.
Hey Bassey, listen up, it's very OK.Debie will be fine, it's her fault she's even have an atom of emotions for you(but at least she was real about it), I saw how you treadted her badly and I am happy you are happy you were finally off her when you got evicted(what a relief!).Now that you are free from her, enjoy your relationship with your imaginary "GF", her friends and family especially her mentor will make sure all friendship that will not stand the test of time doesnt see the light of another day.
You see how strong she was after you got evicted, thats how strong she will be even if all you look down at her, a man deserving of her love will cpme her way, loving her just the way she is, very soon before you think twice to go back on your decidions.
As for Tboss, I wish Debie will look beyond friendship and see that Tboss is not somebody to trust in the friendship zone.This girl practically flirted with bassey even to debie's face and you call that friendship, knowing fully well how your friend(debie rise) feels about Bassey?God will open your eyes Debie Rise to all these kind of fake people around you.But NO, Debie will still goand form best friend with such people(Debie pls open your eyes).You and TBoss' friendship was based on circumstances(the clique), she never really liked you like you did and repect her.

God will raise you above all Im certain, pls dont stop to be good but start to be smart, work on yourself .The sky is just the beginning of your successes

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