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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Angry Kris Jenner confronts her ex-husband Caitlyn after reading a manuscript of her tell-all memoir

Kris is upset about Caitlyn's portrayal of her in her new tell-all memoir, The Secrets of my Life, and she is giving her ex-husband a piece of her mind.
In a preview of the upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris is given a manuscript of the memoir to read and afterwards she makes it known to her daughters that she is not happy about what was written.
The 61-year-old momager is seen in another scene confronting Caitlyn but the 67-year-old former olympian adamantly refused to discuss the matter.
"Don't even go down this road because I'm not talking about it," Caitlyn told Kris in a manner that brooked no argument.
Excerpts from Caitlyn's forthcoming bombshell memoir, has been surfacing in bits and, so far, everything that has been revealed are information that in one way or the other is bound to offend the Kardashians. From claiming their late father Robert Kardashian knew O.J. Simpson was guilty of murder even while defending him, to claiming Kris tried to maker her suppress her true self and she felt uncomfortable having sex with Kris throughout their marriage, Caitlyn has stirred the waters and Kris is not taking it lying down.

In an excerpt obtained by People magazine Caitlyn insisted that she's always identified as female since she was in high school. She wrote:
"My attitude is no different than it was in high school. I'm just not entirely comfortable with it."
The Kardashian sisters are also not happy with their former parent because of what she wrote about their late father. Caitlyn's daughters Kendall and Kylie are reportedly 'humiliated' at the revelation she made in the book about having her penis removed, after undergoing the surgery in January.
"Kendall and Kylie are just really embarrassed at this point," a family insider told Radar. "They feel completely betrayed," an insider told InTouch this week. "Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have stopped talking to Caitlyn. As far as they're concerned, the relationship is done. She's dead to them." 

Caitlyn shared the news about the release of her memoir on her Instagram account on Wednesday, promising it will be released on Tuesday.  She captioned it:
"I have been on quite the journey. Read about it in #SecretsOfMyLife available next Tuesday!"


uniquechic said...

u r a sicko..I know kardsh have dia issues but all thru d series I could see d love and respect chloe and co had for u as a step dad..d love was so obvious...u turned into a bitchy female turned against d family..even ur sons cant stand all ds tranny shit..
guess who will be all alone at d old age..wen d saggy surgicalboobs and cunt dry up and shrivel..kai ds man is crazy.
u even went as far as ur bestfriend dia dad haba...
u shd have just turned tranny but maintain ur cool with d family..sick d penis dat served u for 60smtg yrs u go cut offf..kai I just lost my dinner apetite

Anonymous said...

Abi ex wife? No b 'she' now?

Sweetchild Sweet said...

Two lost souls that created a dysfunctional family to the uproar of an equally demanded followers...

Julie said...

It never looked like sex ws uncomfortable for u then on the show. Y r u lying? Show respect to ur family members even if u wanna trend.

Lokoleko said...

Woman = Her
Man = His
"His memoir", not "her memoir".
Linda, you no sabi book again? No be English you study?
If dem construct twenty "totos" for man, na man we men still dey call the "confusion" or person.
No forget your traditional, moral dictionary next time.

chinny said...

this man/ woman is just Sick!!!! pity his children cos i really wonder how they feel to call their dad Mum...

Anonymous said...

All staged to promote book and increase dropping ratings of show! smh

Nkem4eva said...

Honestly those girls loved him like their father. I can imagine how they feel. They probably went along earlier thinking it was a fad. I keep wondering what Kris was going thru when they were together. Very sad.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Vivian Nwadialo said...

End of time.

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