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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Aju Love connection is expanding to Atlanta Georgia, USA

Aju Love Connection is proud to announce the expansion of our services to Atlanta, Georgia. This expansion will ensure that our current clients are provided with an extensive range of high quality, potential love matches.

This expansion will make it easier for you to connect with long distance matches electronically and in-person.

Along with these new service addition, we will continue to provide all of the services that are the core of our foundation:

*Online Matching
*Private Consultation
*Quarterly Event
*Relationship Counseling, pre-marriage counseling, marriage counseling,

We will also continue to provide news and tips on how to maintain a healthy, thriving relationships on our blog.

Thank you for being a loyal member of AJU Love Connection.

Make sure you visit www.ajuloveconnection.com to find your perfect match today!

Please download AJU Love Connection app on google play store for your android phones.

Phone :      08089030651
Email:        info@ajuloveconnection.com
Website:   www.ajuloveconnection.com


Charles said...

okay. cool. Here is how to get a big penis

ngfineface said...

If only parties involved will be sincere to themselves right from day one.

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