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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Wema Bank Staff donate salary to help critically ill children in state-owned hospitals

Staff of the bank donated their salaries for February 14 to show love to those in need

Wema Bank Plc. has for the second year in a row made February its month of giving by donating funds for the treatment of children in emergency wards of three government-owned hospitals across the country.

The initiative called Purple Nectar which started last year was designed to touch the lives of people in the communities where the bank operates. It involves each interested staff donating a day’s Salary for Love as a way of celebrating St. Valentine’s Day.

“Every 14th of February, the world celebrates St. Valentine’s Day. Usually, couples go out on this day as a way of showing love to each other. But at Wema Bank, we decided that while it is fine for couples to show love to each other on this day, our focus as a bank should be on showing love to those who need it but are not getting it,” said Segun Oloketuyi, Managing Director/CEO, Wema Bank Plc., while presenting a cheque to one of the beneficiaries of the 2017 Purple Nectar Initiative at the Children Emergency Ward of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

“Some are in critical situations and they need all the help they can get. In our own little way of showing love, the staff of Wema Bank decided to put their salaries for that particular day (February 14) together and looked for people who need our love. The demonstration of this love is to support those who need help, especially in health-related issues,” Oloketuyi said.

Children present at the LUTH Emergency Ward when Wema Bank visited were being treated for several ailments. The mother of a 7-month old baby who benefitted from the initiative, MrsNgene broke down in tears as the Wema Bank Managing Director presented a cheque to her. She thanked the staff of Wema Bank for the kind gesture and managed to smile before MrOloketuyi left her son’s bed side.

Another patient at LUTH who benefitted from the Purple Nectar Initiative is a 10-year-old girl who is undergoing chemotherapy. Within the 12 hours before the Wema Bank staff visited, she had taken more than 9 pints of blood. Her mother, MrsSoetan, who said her daughter had been at the hospital for 3 months expressed appreciation for the bank’s donation and prayed that God blesses the Wema Bank staff who donated to her ailing daughter.

Wema Bank’s Purple Nectar began in 2016 as part of the bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives focused at helping the less-privileged in the society. One of last year’s beneficiaries, a physically challenged hairdresser bought herself a wheelchair and set up a beauty shop after getting the Purple Nectar funding. She is doing well and has started production of her beauty care line.
The beneficiaries of this year’s Purple Nectar include patients at the Children’s emergency ward at LUTH, Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital, Old GRA Port Harcourt and Wuse General Hospital, Abuja.

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Sandra Anyahaebi said...

Wow, really nice

Bonita Bislam said...

Wow ! This is what I call true service to humanity not those ones giving out Benz cars and houses to only a certain gender and people who obviously least deserve it

Anonymous said...

Nigerian government should do do something about all our hospitals, invest in our hospitals and stop wasting our money abroad, Buhari made London the capital of Nigeria for 52 days because of hospital, Nigerian wake up, vote all this useless politicians out of office.

Anonymous said...

Too much eye-service and 'notice me' in this country. Some of these folks doing this media display of charity have their drivers, cooks, maids, nannies etc working with them starving.
I speak from experience.

I work as a driver to a banker that receives about N200k as monthly salary and millions as annual bonuses but my salary is N30,000 for eight months now and running. But during his last birthday, he hosted birthday party and visited the orphanage with loads of gift to the praise of many.

I'm no more moved by all these social media display of charity.

Anonymous said...

This is a very good gesture,let all these our billionaire pastors come come and learn the act of philanthropy and not be buying private jets up and down,sending money to whores and be showing off

Anonymous said...

Choi I know this kindbthing. The bank will just take the money by force from all staff accounts. It is well

Anonymous said...

It was a voluntary donation. People were given chance to opt out if not interested.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous N30k per month driver, how much did you expect your boss who receives about N200k per month to pay you as salary? Comments like this show why people are wicked to others. A lot of people have a silly sense of entitlement and so they become enraged when they do not get what they think they deserve.

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