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Monday, 20 March 2017

Want amazing lips? See easy steps to creating that perfect ombre lip!

Everybody wants a perfect Ombre lip once in a while but first what does it mean?

As makeup geeks we should be conversant with the word Ombre Lips. Without much ado, Ombre is a combination of two colors…. Yes I mean two different colors that are monochromatic.
In this post you will learn simple steps to achieve a perfect Ombre lips.  One major makeup ingredient is the ability to be bold with makeup.

The items needed to create the perfect ombre lips is aconcealer, a lip liner, and a very light shade of lipstick. Check OutGoodsExpress to get free shipping to Nigeria on cheap products from Amazon, Macys, Ebay, Walmart and other U.S stores

Then Recreate the look using makeup from any brand that works for you.

Easy steps to create that look!
• Moisturize your lips this is very important also, if you have rough lips try using any balm then apply little concealer. 
• Use a lip liner to shape lines on your lips. 
• Then you take apply a deeper color of lipstick topping it around the areas you applied your lip liner initially, but make sure you don’t color all the lips with the shade. 
• Then apply the light shade and pressed your lips together, you can do that once or twice  
• Lastly you can use your lip brush or if you don’t have then use cotton bud as a substitute to blend the edges of your colors together to create a fading effect.
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Now it’s your turn to try it out and give us feedback……


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