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Friday, 17 March 2017

Twitter user narrates how a husband battered his wife of one month

According to twitter user, Buki, she got a domestic violence case where the husband battered his wife of just one month to the extent that she had to get 9 stitches on her head. She also shared the story of her friend who left her fiance after he raised his hand to beat her during an argument. Read the stories after the cut.. (read from bottom-up)


Anonymous said...

Should she be sharing such? there is something called client privacy. Everybody wanna tweet for RT's

Oghenetega said...

Good that she left..
The mumu thought he can subject her to beating with the car.
Its only a Lazy girls that will stay thinking he will change and it get worse from there..
Yeye people
Smart Move woman cause U deserve better and U are not a Punching bag..

okechukwu nnoduechi said...




Geenah Tunga said...

It was a good decision she made.

Chop Chop said...

Some people just need to learn how to manage their emotions. I get it but I love life and the freedom that goes with it.

Anonymous said...

The conversation shld tilt a bit from men who beat to why they beat..this way, we will be able to understand what is going on. I dont want to believe all these men are animals..while i dont think any man who beat his wife is a real man..i believe we need better women too..who 1, sees the right quality in the man before accepting to marry nd not being for money nd flimsy reasons..and 2, we need women who will obey their husband.

While u shldnt obey just everything someone tells u as what if they tell u to kill urself..well, thats where the first comes in..marry someonw u can submit to..Goodluck.

chwukwuwunmi said...

Linda, try share marriage wey dey work often foncuse all dix pikin 4 yo blog

Tayo said...

Just one month? Then why marry her?
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AMIJEZ said...

I did same years ago,I had to walk away from this guy that did ordinary introduction and he thinks am his punching bag. The signs are always there in times of courtship but we choose to neglect it,hoping that they'll always change for good. Only a weak man beats a woman,there are many ways to beat a woman.

Anonymous said...

I do say it.... Most cases of domestic volience, ladies do get d signs during dating but dey ignore.. Funny enough, men change for worse after marriage. I once dated a guy nd got engaged.. For 4 yrs.. He was caring buying me heaven nd earth... One day we had a misunderstanding and he slapped me.. He apologized.. Next tym, wen ever we have misunderstanding, he will yell at me to shut up or he slaps me.. Vebally abusing me dat he picked me up from d gutter.. De next tym, we had an argument, he was talking, i kept quiet, he slapped me saying am i nt d one he is talking to? I left dat day.. He leta called apologizing.. I accepted d apology but had to redefine d relationship.. I broke up.... He came begging.. Saying he will change... Wat will he tell his family.. Nd wat will i tell my family. Told him i dont care.. He should try someone else.. Dat am nt d best for him..... My family didnt know he was hitting me, xo dey tried talking me back. Say i will never see a man dat will care for me like d guy.. Say d guy luvs me well.. I was d only one who knew d pain i was going through, i had to take a difficult decision to walk away, dan being with someone i feel insecured with.. Nd today, dats d best decision ive ever made in my life.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Women are equal partners in relationships, not children, this isn't the dark ages. You beat up a woman, especially to command authority, then you are a wimp and a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

You are a 21st century retard.

Anonymous said...

Enter your reply...And that makes all the difference. Girlfriend u took a great decision.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

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