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Monday, 13 March 2017

Trans woman Noni Salma replies Chimamanda Adichie's 'Trans-women are trans-women' comment

Noni Salma was apparently one of those who were offended by comments made over the weekend by famed author Chimamanda Adichie about trans-women. Read here. Below is her response
Chimamanda being asked about trans women is like Lena Dunham being asked about Black women. It doesn't work. We can speak for ourselves. She needs to take a lesson from herself on the danger of a single story because cisgender hegemony is dangerous.

We know what you mean when you say “Trans women are trans women,” but can’t simply say trans women are women.

Cis women don’t need to feel threatened by trans womanhood. If you feel that your identity and experience means less because trans women exist, that’s your problem. When you belittle and devalue trans women and their womanhood, you are operating as a tool of the patriarchy.
Just like white women historically felt threatened by Black women claiming their womanhood on their terms, cis women constantly do a similar thing to trans women.

Trans women aren’t saying that their experiences are just like cis women, just as queer women don’t claim their experiences are just like straight women. The average woman is cisgender. That does not make her womanhood more valid. All it says is that trans women are a marginalized group that should be elevated and protected.
Yes, folks raised as girls are plagued with oppression in a different way than people raised not raised as girls. No one ever denies that. However, cis girls and women – in general – experience the privilege of being seen, accepted and respected in their womanhood from birth.

The violence that gender nonconforming kids face is real and always left out of this essentialist conversation. This whole conversation falls apart now that we have more and more trans folks coming out at younger ages. Also, you conveniently leave out trans masculine folks. That doesn’t negate the threat of violence, or harassment or being devalued in a patriarchal society – but many trans women also face these things.

Do we ever tell a cis woman she’s less of a woman if she’s never experienced harassment or violence? No.

A trans woman in Brazil was beaten to death in the street because of her womanhood. Five Black trans woman were killed in February for the same reason. Trans women have historically been hypersexualized in the media, exploited for their bodies in other ways, paid less, denied healthcare and told their voices are invalid.

If you want to play the Oppression Olympics, sorry cis women, you’re going to lose more often than not. That’s why this conversation isn’t productive. If that were the case many of your rich, white faves wouldn’t be “real women” either.  - Raquel Willis


Iphie Abraham said...

Na them sabi

Lib addict#just passing#

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

maksbebe said...


Richard Cole said...

Trans are men fooling themselves. Womanhood ko

AbokiDaWarriBoy said...

Wawan yaro!

~glo rule your world~ cos I do•

Akeem Opayemi said...

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kayode odusanya said...

Hmm! Interesting argument against Chimamanda Adiche.

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Anonymous said...

the law should protect everybody. but that is not the issue here. the issue is that people will continue to see you the way you originally are/your cis version...trans or not.

Magabonjay said...

The thing dey pain all this transgender...A woman is a woman and a man is a man...shikena... U transwomen that want to be heard don't knw what it feels like to be a woman...No period, no real child delivery.they just turned their ass and body to a science project

Anonymous said...

Habib, shut up

Anonymous said...

Na all this type of gist Linda dey enjoy,gay now transgender,
Auntie please its only £25000 to transform to a man so that I can give you my daughter bobrisky to marry

Anonymous said...

The truth is always bitter atimes.she aren't confused like u folks.she knows what she is saying and she doesn't owe anybody any apology for saying the truth.trans women indeed .mtchew_

David Prince said...

I have never wanted to give a damn about these gibberish craps Linda usually posts that sort of give immoral realities some credence; if not this, what other platform does give voice and platform to hypnotized elements like the OP here.
Anyway, let me get into her comment. First, take a note of correction, "Transgender-women" have no specific identity. And if you may argue against this fact, then I might give you the benefit of the doubt to say that, if they do have an identity, then, it can't be anything more than their original identity which is "man".
Secondly, you do not go against nature and expect natural forces not to fight back. The natural forces that define and guide our behaviours such as ethics, morality, logic and philosophy of conduct appreciate and extol human behaviours that are in tandem with them. Behaviours like gay, transgender and others that are against nature get the kick.
Third, you cannever have the experience of a woman that nature accords her no matter what. Mentally, you think like a man. Your instincts express same. Your brain works exactly as a man's. And the biological make-ups of a man you can't change hunt you for life.
Hey...this is no hate. Just a kinda help to our disillusioned folks

Anonymous said...

This is to all transgender who claim to be victimised and marginalised because most people don't accept them and their story.
I don't think everybody have to accept you or your story. Even simple and basic issue like a woman's position in our modern society in relation to a man is still frequently debated and misunderstood by many, not to talk of your transition, which you will accept is a even more complicated theory. So I feel there will always be people who have a difference opinion about you. This people may not necessarily hate you, as a matter of fact most people don't hate you, but still they may not understand your story and this makes it hard to for them to accept what you claim you have transition into. It is equally wrong for you to always attack anyone or group that have a difference opinion or anyone who does not say exactly what you want them to say, because that in itself is also a form of discrimination, that's more like you committing the same offence you are accusing others of

Anonymous said...

I disagree with her because I think the moment you start dressing acting and behaving like a woman and you start being treated bless just because of that highlights by he issue if feminism. its not fair that a woman should be treated piorly even when she has been a man before hahah.

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