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Monday, 13 March 2017

Shop from abroad, pay in Naira with no limits and get free shiipping to Nigeria

Shopping from U.S stores like EBay, Walmart and Amazon has been difficult for Nigerians as there are payment restrictions and these stores do not ship to Nigeria.

Nigerians can now shop with ease from top international retailers like Macy's, Amazon, EBay, AliExpress, Walmart and other U.S and China stores and have their items delivered nationwide for free on GoodsExpress.


1.      All products on GoodsExpress are fetched from over 4000 U.S stores so you can search for your item of choice directly on GoodsExpress

2.      When you find what you are looking for, you can click on the seller link (it might be Amazon, Ebay or any other U.S store) beside the item to read more about the product

3.      Once you are okay with the product, you add the product to cart and select your shipping speed ranging from 3-5 days, 5-10 days, 10-15 days and 15-30 days

GoodsExpress is currently offering FREE shipping for 10-15 days and 15-30 days shipping for those who SIGN UP NOW

4.      Next thing is to proceed to checkout and select your preferred payment option of either paying with your debit/credit card or paying via bank transfer

5.      If you already have a product in mind from a U.S store, we also have you covered as you can copy the ‘’product url’’ from your U.S store of choice and adding the product directly to GoodsExpress by using the ‘’Add product feature’’ which is a plus sign on the top right corner of the GoodsExpress website

6.      You can always reach out to our support team via social media @goodsexpressng on Instagram and GoodsExpress Nigeria on Facebook or by calling any of the support lines on the website.

GoodsExpress gives you access to cheap and authentic products from trusted stores all around the world with the lowest prices, most affordable shipping rates and fastest delivery options available. Payment is seamless and made in Naira via bank transfer or debit/credit card payment.

The return policy is simple as GoodsExpress offers free returns for wrong items or items that do not meet your specification when you placed your order. There is no need to worry about customs and taxes as GoodsExpress handles all that for free.

To enjoy FREE shipping, you need to
SIGN UPto get 90 Days of FREE Shipping from Top U.S and China Stores to Nigeria.

GoodsExpress to SIGN UP NOWand Claim FREE Shipping.

OfferEnds March 31st 2017


ADA Alvanuwa said...

God is a Good God. Good development please let it always be with good motive, I pray there wont be any hitches or scam. God help you.

Anonymous said...

This write up looks like a scam. The advert is not detailed enough to be genuine.

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