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Monday, 20 March 2017

Photo: 60 year old politician commits suicide in Abuja

A 60 year old man who is a chieftain of PDP, Dr Isaac Ojukwu, has committed suicide after he reportedly set himself on fire in a rented hotel apartment in Nyanya, a satellite town of Abuja on Thursday. The deceased who is a member of the PDP, Diaspora unit, was said to have handled the diaspora unit of the Party in Germany, Denmark among other foreign countries.
Speaking to Leadership about the incident, the Owner of the burnt  Hotel and Associate Professor at the Nasarawa State University in Keffi, Sylvanus Itodo, expressed shock at the incident
“We were all sitting together that fateful night before he left to watch football match and I also left the hotel premises by 11pm, to go and sleep. It was around 12am that I recieved a phone call from one of the boys in the hotel, crying, that my hotel was on fire. Before I could get to the hotel, the flame was everywhere; and it took the efforts of the Federal Fire Service to prevent the inferno from escalating to the surrounding houses” he said Another account given by his friend and his direct neighbour at the hotel, Ohize Yakubu, who has been living in the hotel apartment since the day of his wedding in 2013; said the deceased ran back into the fire when they tried to rescue him. 
“We went to watch Arsenal and Bayern match that night, I came back to the hotel and Dr. Isaac came in 5 minutes later. After some minutes, I started hearing strange sound from his room, which is directly opposite my room. At first, I was scared to open door, because I didn’t know if it was a robbery attack, until I heard and recognised the voice of one of our neighbours, beckoning on Dr. Isaac to open door and come out, shouting fire, fire. At this point, everyone ran back as the inferno had started escalating and all my belongings got burnt. My wife only escaped with my son. I was engaged in the process of rescuing Dr. Isaac, and lost all my belongings in the process”he said.
As at the time this news broke,no one could explain in clear terms, what might have gone wrong with the deceased, to have warranted him taking his own life. Even though his remains has been deposited at the Asokoro General Hospital by the Police, but the family members are yet to arrive Abuja.


Nnenne George said...

God have mercy on his poor soul..

Anonymous said...

I suspect a foul play. DSS should investigate this abnormal incident. Na wa.

Ness said...

Not all that glitters is what??? Gold! My heart goes out to the family and i truly wish him a peaceful rest.

You see? Money is not everything. 'Big Man, Big Man, Big Man,...' Don't mean shit. There're things that money can't buy! Not life, Not Character, Not Friends, Not Love, Not Happiness,... and the least goes on. But when you acquire the things that money can't buy, money would then compliment your God given gifts.

But NEVER put money first before GOD and HAPPINESS i beg of you.

I Truly want to see a happier world. I truly care for peoples well being. Please do the right thing, it's not hard. No one should have to end this way... It's sad.

May he rest in Peace.

Anonymous said...

Was he an Arsenal fan? :-/

Anonymous said...

And you now used a picture of secreteriat in abuja central area smh


Sounds more like murder to me

Anonymous said...

This thing happened last year. old news

Anonymous said...

How is this suicide? Did they see a note? Just dey yarn fake news

okechukwu nnoduechi said...



Catherine Aneke said...

They killed the man joor,is a plan deal they drugged the man and set him on fire how can someone set himself ablaze,dat strange voice nko, abegi

OSINANL said...


olatee seun said...

Sad news, i feel for his family.

Cant wait to hear from Ayodele Fayose, m sure he got to throw more light on this

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

Why is it being ruled as suicide? Am not understanding.

Long live LIB

Ekeng Ukpong said...

Arsene Wenger caused this....

Anonymous said...

This doesn't look like suicide.
His room could have been booby trapped or letter bombed.

Tayo said...

Why are people committing suicide these days?
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dorcas moyin said...

Do u think Ayo Fayose will say to this?@ Seun

dorcas moyin said...

Do u think Ayo Fayose will say to this? @ Seun

kisbykay (Travelling Agency) said...

Only God knows what they have on him. Poor him

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