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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Obsessed colleague stabbed woman 20 times when she didn't want to be his girlfriend

How on earth do you claim to be in love with someone then have the heart to harm them just because they do not share your feelings? This is indeed sick. Here's the story of a man, Brian Deakins, 46, who was so obsessed with his friendly female colleague, Deborah Evans, to the extent that he had to resort to violence.
Brian and Deborah met at a work induction in July 2014 when they both started working on the factory floor at AB World Foods in Leigh, Greater Manchester. Deborah noticed he was quiet and on his own so she tried to encourage him to come out of his shell and socialise with other colleagues.

 They did not see much after that because they both worked different shifts and he rarely socialised but she kept on being friendly whenever she met him and often encouraged him to come out with her and other friends.
“I got to know him very slowly. He lived with his parents and didn’t get out much,” Deborah said. “All of us, not just me, used to encourage him to come out with us. He was very quiet and didn’t have friends, but he seemed perfectly fine.”
In April 2015, Brian quit his job. Unknown to Deborah that he had fallen in love with her, she sent him a polite message wishing him luck in the future then she started dating another colleague, Jonathan Clarke, who was 13 years her junior. A while later, she got a call from Brian and he called her horrible names.
"Why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend, you s***?" he said during the call.
Deborah blocked Brian's number after that and deleted him from Facebook, but the verbal attack did not stop. He sent her a Skype message the next day apologising then in December 2015, he sent another message which she ignored. The next day, he sent the same thing. He continued sending her "Hi, how are you?" every day, sometimes even as much as twice a day. She revealed that she got scared after that and thought it best to ignore him.
On Dec 14th 2015, Brian came to Deborah's home in Manchester and demanded that she give him some DVDs she had promised to lend him. As she handed them over, he lunged forward, forcing his way into her hallway while wielding a knife. He attacked her then, stabbing her 20 times in the arms, head and chest. The blade came away from the handle, but instead of stopping, Brian smashed Deborah’s head against a wall and began to strangle her.
"He just kept telling me he hated me. I could feel my life ebbing away but I vowed to myself, ‘I’m not dying today,’” she said. I think instinct kicked in. With one hand, I prised his fingers from my neck and with the other, I punched him hard between the legs. I’m a small person but I put up a good fight. There was no way I was letting him do that.”
After Deborah kicked him, he jumped back in pain then lifted his foot and stamped down hard on Deborah’s neck until she lost consciousness. When she came round, he was gone. She called Jonathan and an ambulance and was rushed to Manchester Royal Infirmary where doctors told her she’d suffered 20 stab wounds, broken her jaw and fractured 16 ribs.
“It was a miracle I survived,” she said. “Brian was quickly arrested. I had so many questions, but mainly, ‘Why me?’ The police came to interview me and I had to go through it all again, every little detail. I was still covered in blood and my hair was matted and horrible.”
Brian pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was sentenced in June 2016 to 15 years in prison with an extended licence of five years. He was also given a lifelong restraining order, banning him from ever contacting her. Deborah, on her part, surprisingly survived the attack, but she has not been the same since then. Speaking about the change the attack has caused in her life, she said:
“To this day, I cannot understand why his obsessive jealousy drove him to attack me. While he’s behind bars my life has been changed forever. Parts of my face are still numb and I find it difficult to chew. I want to be able to forgive and forget but I can’t.”

She's also been having flashbacks of the horrifying attack, has struggled to eat and speak, living instead on protein shakes because chewing is too painful. She is also struggling to maintain a relationship after she split from Jonathan in April 2016.

“Whenever I walked up the stairs, I’d spot bloody splatters on the walls. I couldn’t open the door to strangers or go out. But then I figured this is my home – I’ve lived here 18 years. Why should I move?” she said.

Deborah, now works with charity Animals in Distress, because she doesn't feel well enough to return to work.


Akeem Opayemi said...

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livingstone chibuike said...

d man is brain dead


Thank God she survived the attack.
The man is sick and should be kept far from humans.

. ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

Anonymous said...

I have a boyfriend that is just like this. Acted exactly same way (the co sister 'hi...How are you' messages) when I told him to give me space and he stalks me. I always see him wherever I go and I never invite him to these places. Am so scared but hoping to relocate soon. That's the only way I know I can get away.....i.e if he doesn't trail me to my new location.
The problem is I've tried to explain to people what am experiencing but what they said is "he loves you". But this is a man that said the most horrible things to people about me when we had a minor misunderstanding. Seriously, how can u claim to love someone and harm them??

dupe said...

That's a very sick man.

obiswagz ijoint.co said...

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CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

How horrific. Thank God ahead alive to share the story. The guy should have bin given life imprisonment. If he co.es out,he might find a way to kill her.

Long live LIB

kisbykay (Travelling Agency) said...

Hian!! Nawa oo. Na by force to be your girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we're living in a world where people don't understand the nature of mental illness, we have to first be careful who we engage with, make sure you only interact with people who are not too desperate and persistent. Playing hard to get in not a game, so if someone refuses to understand that, and work with you on your own terms, they are not worth it.

On the issue of your stalker, perhaps the only way to resolve the issue, is to engage, some people address obsessed with the chase, and they think you're lack of interest is actually a sign that you are interested, in this case, pretending to be interested, might make them lose interest.

It's reverse psychology, you interact, not excessively, but till they friendzone themselves, and then you ghost them.

If you run away from your problems, in this case, an obsessed stalker, they will keep chasing you, and you can not run for the rest of your life.

Speak to a responsible adult, make a statement to law enforcement officers, take pictures of him, to back up your evidence, discreetly, and if it's possible, speak to someone who knows him, in a cordial way, to suggest that they have a word.

If you have a male friend, you might need a chaperone, to hang out with, a a proxy or pretend boyfriend.

I hope this issue gets resolved, take care of yourself. It can be a scary experience, but what you don't want to do, is ignore.

Anonymous said...

Sorry what's the name of this movie.

Tayo said...

The typical lonely idiot.
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Anonymous said...

I know someone that can do this. But fortunately he doesn't have d strength to as he is sick both physically and mentally. The day he tried it. Will take d knife and finish him. Wicked soul.

sholetoga said...

Evil men everywhere...........

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