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Monday, 13 March 2017

Nigerian man sentenced to 20 years for drugging, raping and trafficking 15-year-old South African girl

Nigerian national, Ugochukwu Eke was on Monday, March 13th, sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by the Johannesburg High Court for drugging and sexually exploiting an underage girl, living off the earnings of sexual exploitation and being an accomplice to her rape and trafficking
Eke committed the crimes in 2015.

Judge Majake Mabesele read out the charges that Eke was facing which included sexual exploitation of a child, living off the earnings of sexual exploitation, being an accomplice to rape and contravening the Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Act.
"What happened to her was cruel, inhumane and degrading," said Judge Mabesele.
The judge noted that Eke was 28 when he committed the crimes and had been living in South Africa for eight years. The victim was only 15 when she ran away from her Rosettenville home, south of Johannesburg and was taken advantage of by Eke.

Before he pronounced the sentence Judge Mabesele said he found it disturbing that Eke confidently told the court that he was making a living out of drugs and prostitution thus he deserved a severe punishment. As Eke was led down to the cells, the accused’s supporters present in the public gallery waved at him.

During the trial, the victim who is now 17 told the court that Eke provided her with drugs whenever he wanted her to engage in sex with the men who had paid him for her services.

She said the drugs Eke forced her to take gave her energy. She said was able to entertain as many as six men a night. Afterwards the accused would pocket most of the money and only give her R50 for food. Delivering the sentence the judge said:
"It is beyond debate that she was exploited and forced to prostitute"
The mother urged teen girls to choose their friends wisely and said she felt her daughter was not safe because the girl who got her involved with Eke knew where they stayed.

National Prosecution Authority (NPA) spokeswoman Phindi Mjonondwane said that this case was the first case to be finalised under the new human trafficking act that came to pass in August 2015.
"It can never be business as usual when young kids are used for sexual exploitation. As the state, we had to come up with formal approach against such crimes,” said Mjonondwane. 
"Within this new act the state is now is a position to efficiently deal with serious crimes.”
She encouraged Rosettenville residents to not lose hope the South African law, and to stand up and work with the police to fight crime in their community.

"We believe that crime is crime whether committed by South African or foreign national. A sentence like this will help to deter other criminals from committing similar crimes like this"

Source: Afr"can News Agency/eNCA South Africa


Anonymous said...

Nigerians in SA una no get sense o! Stop sexual offenses una no go hear! If you must commit crime pls commit murder, you'll get less sentence. Abi no be 5 yrs Oscar Pris-wetin get when he shoot...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

His people over here will still hail him as their hero. As long as they share the same mother tongue and he sends them little money. Maybe APC is responsible for this 'witch hunt' too.

Nwakaego Ofuase said...

can Nigerians over there stop being shame

livingstone chibuike said...

bad reputation

uniquechic said...

a lil boy will be born, d parents celebrate and he grows up to become a rapist!!! I wonder what paves d way for such; is it his enviornment, his upbringing, peer pressure or what.
what makes a mandecide to wrongfully and forcefully exploit women when there are trillions of women willing all ova d world.
This rapists shd always undergo psychological evaluation cos its just not ordinarily..its evil

Inna Imam said...

Ewu. Sick man. You have changed that girls life forever she will not be normal again even if rehabilitated

Anonymous said...

Who is he raising hands for now?? Fellow rapists abi wetin? Idiot wit no conscience .. if u really didvwot u re being accused of den u need to stay behind bars. cos u re evil

asuku said...

igbos no won still hear word.d truth is dat is he d only one hmn bad attitude though

dee boi said...

20 years too small nah... dee

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

Shocking, what is wrong with these animals?

ngfineface said...

Hahahahaha@ commit murder. None is good oo

Tayo said...

Some people would say all na hustle...
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Anonymous said...

Grow up

Okoye Raphael Ik said...

its a pity mr eke. till 2037

Akinola Oyewole said...

Now you see why xenophobia will happen? How willvthe family of the girl feel towards the people who live with this evil soul? Its an address the entire Igbo race shouid stand up and correct. But instead, they will be saying rubbish. They will leave leprosy and looking for craw-craw. You want to know the ones with brain damage on LIB? Just follow the reply to my comments.

Anonymous said...

Linda beta bring back Freeborn ooooo,I need those comments hia,Daz y me and many other pple come to Ur blog,even though dem no go gree talk true,I never laff since Freeborn left hia.

Anonymous said...

As silly as it may sound it miss FREEBORN. Those his baseless comparisons and stupid comments makes it fun i guess.

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