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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Malaysia censors 'gay scene' in Beauty and the Beast

Malaysian censors board have reportedly cut out a 'gay moment' in the Disney film 'Beauty and the Beast' before agreeing to its release in the Muslim-majority nation. The movie contains Disney's 'first exclusively gay moment'.

In an interview with The Star newspaper,  Malaysian Censorship Board (LPF) chairman Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid stated that the film 'has been approved with a minor cut'.

The cut focussed on a 'gay moment' in the film, said Abdul Halim, adding that it had been rated PG-13, which indicates that some material may be inappropriate for pre-teens.

The cuts come after the movie ran into trouble in Russia, which slapped an adults-only rating on the film last week following pressure by an ultra-conservative lawmaker who was pushing for a ban.


Anonymous said...

Ban the whole thing

mhiz fiona said...

wat happened to the original storyline. How i miss d old sane days

Anonymous said...

BAN the dann satanic induced movie..Buhari should not allow it in Nigeria either. We must shut Satan down by the blood of the lamb amen.

Anonymous said...

No to gay

Anonymous said...

I hope Nigerian Movies and Video Censors Board and NBC have read this and will apply an even more stringent condition prior to the film's premiere in Nigeria. Officers in serious governments are decisive and intolerant of rubbish and you can see the positive impact in the development of their nations. Malaysia is a developed country

Anonymous said...

agreed. nothing is sacred anymore.

Grace n Truth said...

Ban the depraved film. Depraved people in Hollywood trying hard to pervert young and innocent minds. God punish them

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