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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Magu cannot be re-presented to the senate by President Buhari- Dino Melaye says

Senator Dino Melaye says President Buhari cannot re-present acting EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, for screening after he was rejected by Majority of the senators last week.

Speaking on Channels TV last night, Melaye said this when he was reacting to allegations that majority of the senators rejected Magu because they fear he might come after them if confirmed.

"I represent Kogi West and can only speak for myself. I am not facing any trial. I am not under any court. I am spaking as a representative of Kogi West. I am telling you that it is fallacious for anyone to think that Magu can be renominated. President Buhari who is a very upright Nigerian and one who I have respect for, cannot even by the provisions of our laws re-present Magu. Section 131 of the rules of the Senate provides as follows that once a nominee has been accepted or rejected by the Senate and communication has been done to the president by the clerk of the senate, that nominee cannot be re-presented to the senate"he said

Dino further stated that it would be a pity and a bad day for democracy and APC if Presidnet Buhari represents Magu for screening

"It will be a pity for the APC and it will be a sad story and a bad day for democracy in this country".


Oghenetega said...

Foolish Man...
We all know U guys Fear Magu thats why U are picking holes that is not there..
And who are U to say the presidency can present him again,are U there Mouthpiece. ? Arrogant Cunt
These gorilla has eaten more than he can actually Chew..

Anonymous said...

That is why it took you 8years instead of 4years to supposedly graduate, after the let my people go mercy :::::
If this Una democracy is the type we know : we no want am in this particular case: MAGU must be EFCC chairman... fence jumper

Anonymous said...

President Buhari has more important issues to attend to.Magus case is dead, my president, who has respect for the rule of law, won't send magu for another screening, I am sure he has made up his mind, on the next nominee.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

dee boi said...

Let him present amaechi as the new efcc boss then... dee

Anonymous said...

the real issues is, are all the allegations the DSS leveled against Magu true or false?. If they are true then the Senate is right in rejecting him and he should move on.
But if they are false then Magu and the Executive should show Nigerians that they are false and pressure the Senate to approve him. There is no need for all this back and forth over nothing.

olatee seun said...

every1 of you is representing him/her self and not Nigerians.
God is watching you people

okechukwu nnoduechi said...



kolawole akindele said...

But its not a pity for us to have a senate president standing trials for false declaration of assets. Wetin dis one dey talk? He who comes with equilty must come with clean hands

sola akinyosoye said...

Alli baba and the 109 thieves!

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