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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Less than 36 hours after launch Treasurroll.com still paying fast

This is a sponsored post... Not endorsed by LIB
We launched on the 14th of March at exactly 1pm, we currently have over 1,900 members. A lot of people have been paid on the platform. A lot would still get paid. Like we promised during our launch we would be doing adverts to extend the longetivity of this platform. We are keeping to our words. Let’s get to 5000 today. Yes we can!
Why Choose TreasureRoll

Treasure Roll has a plan of lasting long in the HYIP and in that regards we made a plan of promoting the platform twice every week on top social blogs. Also a promoted tweet and facebook ads would be launched immediately the platform launches. For an investment platform to last and for everyone to benefit, it needs a constant inflow of members both new and recycling members. With this plan we should be able to reach 300,000 members within first month of launch. I bet we can.

Why You Should Trust Us

Treasure Roll Admins are tired of seeing a lot of Ponzi schemes come out and within 1week they are gone NO!!! Admins don’t have special preference in Treasure Roll. Admins would also donate and recycle to get profits in Treasure Roll. We started this platform for you, and we hope to see you succeed

Don’t be told be a teller https://treasureroll.com launched 1PM on Wednesday.
Find us on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/treasureroll/
Send messages your to us @ m.me/treasureroll


Anonymous said...

Scam alert. Beware

Unknown said...

Scam.....ooo Scam...,..ooo run for your life

Onyeukwu Elvis said...

Scam...ooo Scam...ooo help...ooo help...ooo

Anonymous said...

encouraging ponzi scheme on your website is not good

Anonymous said...

Linda, adding "not endorsed by linda ikeji's blog" is not enough to escape culpability from what you know to be patently illegal, if I may warn you. Virtually everyone, including you, knows that all these mushroom websites that are cropping up everyday are nothing but illegal ponzi schemes and, yet, you are accepting paid adverts from them on a daily basis. This is nothing but reckless negligence on your part as it appears you are aiding and abetting them. So, it is my humble conclusion that the addition of the caveat emptor is not enough for you to escape liability if those that lost money decide to sue you. Please, stop accepting adverts when you know, obviously, that they are meant for illegal ventures. Stop being a purveyor for illegality. Be wise!!

City: Unknown

folasade abatta said...

Thief thief don't near there, when you PH you will be left with message... wait you will soon be match for your donations..i did since Monday till now no matching yet. Scam scam scammmmm

Ken said...

very big scam ignore they dont pay

Anonymous said...

Treasure roll is d best so far and their support system is wonderful o,Tnks Linda from Miracle Chidi

Anonymous said...

Treasure roll is wonderful and their support is simply the best from Chioma Precious

kayode onatunji said...

Do you want to build your own ponzi site? Call/Chat me up 08039743865.
Scripts are also available for sale.

Anonymous said...

Llar!!! The sight was launched on Tuesday by 1pm from Miracle Chidi

Anonymous said...

they are paying truly I got paid on 20k package 3 times and 50k package once.

Festus Osayande said...

Liar I can see you are part of the admin. I paid 50k since launch and i am yet to be matched

Festus Osayande said...


.. paid 50k immediately after launch and I'm yet to get matched for payment

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