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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Kind-hearted man is beaten and robbed at a restaurant after he offered to help pay for his attackers' meals who were short of cash

A man has been hospitalised with broken bones, cuts and bruises after he was attacked by men whose meals he offered to pay for. The 37-year-old victim was at Texas Chicken and Burgers in Brooklyn, New York on March 1st when he spotted two men who could not foot their bill so he offered to help them out, but they rejected it.

Soon, an argument ensued and both men began hitting him with his own cane. They were soon joined by two other men and together, they kicked and punched the good samaritan on the body and head.

Surveillance footage showed some customers looking on, doing nothing, while some tried to step in but failed. After the four thugs left the restaurant, another man came in and went straight to the victim who was lying on the floor and began emptying his pockets.

He was eventually taken to the hospital and police are searching for the culprits and have put out pictures of them, calling for the cooperation of the public.

See the video below..


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Anonymous said...

The whole thing is so strange and what's with the gay guy in the leather jacket. He's running like he's wearing heels.

GREAtson Vieriche CJ said...

Wicked world! And when blacks are being stereotyped in the US, we all rush to support.

Anonymous said...

oh Lord, the sons of satan are on the loose everywhere but they won't win. The earth is the Lords'.

Vivian Reginalds said...

evil beht his reward is in heaven!
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

asuku said...

stupid blacks nd dey will blame it on trump d way some hear ar blaming it on buhari.dnt b suprised even d good samaritan is black man who decided to help his brodas in need.somehow for blacks sha



Anonymous said...

Shameless black criminals in the US! What a pity! In Africa, the assaulted man would be a local hero. There are a lot of ignorant black dudes in the US.

Tayo said...

That is why some people find it hard to help people.
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JohnJohn Uket said...

Too bad

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