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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Jeremy Kyle confronts grandmother who wished her own daughter dead in backstage argument

Jeremy Kyle, the host of his eponymous show, shocked viewers yesterday after he took on a grandmother who he had as a guest and called her "the worst human being in the world". Joan had been on the show previously with her daughter Tanya and it did not go well.

Tanya had appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show and accused her mother of abandoning her on national TV. She turned her back on her mother after that incident four years ago. Years later, Tanya's daughter, Tasmin, came on the show to rebuild her relationship with her grandmother, but it seemed Joan, 60, came prepared for war as she stormed the stage and went straight to Jeremy, demanding an apology from him for last time.
"Before I say anything I need an apology off of you for last time.I need an apology because you disrespected me," she said then ran off stage, claiming the show could not continue without her and Jeremy followed her immediately.
Backstage, Jeremy said to Joan
 "I don't need you to do the Jeremy Kyle show." and Joan replied: "I don't need you to talk to me then, so you can shove it."
Joan, who said she wished her daughter was dead, was confronted by Jeremy for refusing to take a lie detector test on the last show. He also accused her of stealing money. To say the least, it was a rather heated show and it seemed Tasmin's reason for coming on the show was defeated, but recent revelations show that it wasn't as there have been claims that Joan and Tasmin have been in regular contact since the show and are now building a relationship.
Viewers went on Twitter to air their outrage at the rude grandmother. One viewer said: "# jeremykyle oh wow this woman is a disgrace clearly this person can't handle the truth."
Another added: "Disrespecting her. Don't sound like she deserves any. # JeremyKyle."
A third said: "#jeremykyle is outstanding once again. Wished her own daughter dead? What a classy lady #not."
Below are a couple of videos from the show.

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