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Friday, 17 March 2017

Here's Angelina Jolie's passionate speech at UN that every one is talking about

Thursday, Hollywood actress and UN Refugee Agency Special Envoy Angelina Jolie gave a passionate speech at the United Nations about the rise of nationalism in Europe and America. The ceremony was held at the Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation lecture from the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland in honor of Sergio Mello and other deceased UN workers. Watch the full video below..


Tayo said...

Angelina Jolie? what right does she have to speak at UN... woman that lied against Brad Pitt just because she wanted a UN job so that she can move her kids easily out of the USA.
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Anonymous said...

Not south east Nigeria, it's Nort East Nigeria

Emmanuel said...

North East Nigeria not South East.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful;well spoken.indeed d duty of peace and upholding humanity is a task for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Nothing of all the items I have seen run in LIB could be more inspiring than this very one. Supranationalism has suffered enormously due to rise in right-wing, populist nationalism in Europe (Brexit in UK, french Le Pen, Dutch Geert Wilders et al) and America under Trump. The wind blows a stormy gale, sacking and whisking away multicutalism, globalisation, pluralism and or internationalism (all the isms mean the coming together of world's nations to address systemic challenges collectively). The fear of multiculturalism and rise in micro-nationalism owe much to the misreading given to global terrorism.
It follows that Nickey Haley's proposition that preceded the election of Trump that "during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices" is leading Europe and the world towards far-right spectrum. This proposition by Haley is the summary of what led to rise in right-wing populism as Trump emergence epitomises. The surge in terrorism brought about by failure on the part of the west to address system collapse in middle east and sympathy for pan-Arabism or Arab nationalist cause usually expressed through anti-semitism and anti- America or anti- west made some islamic fundamentalist nihilists to pass diktats or fatuas against west and imperialism which led to terrorism. The result saw west shutting and closing borders denying world hungriest refugees, displaced population, asylum seekers safe passage and admission (PROTECTIONISM). Today, Hungary stands out as a forceful and fierceful protectionist state as do USA under Trump and as is anti European UK under Theresa May. This nationalistic (economic) protectionism kills globalisation (our coming together as the world's people).
The world should understand terrorism very well to be able to address mass refugee crises. Though opening borders porously unchecked could be unhealthy at most as it breeds terror cells infiltration like we are seeing in Germany and France, potential and real refugees deserve open arm and not folded arms.
Here, Angelina Jolie was prescriptive, descriptive and persuasive in her speech, emphasising it was not a "war between realism (state-centric approach to global issues) versus idealism (international institutionalist approach). She accepted the "imperfection of the UN and world's nations while urging for commitment to global issues like the venerated aid worker and diplomat she referred to did and died in Iraq while in field work. Her down-top global assessment is befitting just as only greater global responsibility can save our humanity from the scourge of internecine warfare as we are seeing in Syria. States should be more humane than they are inhuman in treating Syria by avoiding the "veto politics" among the super powers. Indeed, ours is an imperfect organisation and should guarantee global peace when we accept our imperfection and work towards a critical and holistic reforms of the UN. The solution lies in negotiation, not in nuclear race as North Korea and Iran show and not in populism as the world saw in the days of "fuerah" Hitler and "Il duce" Mussolini. Let the world citizens rise, I support Jolie's call, it is a panacea for global equality and peace. I love this peace and say Thanks a bunch Linda.

The Aficionado

Anonymous said...

Very accurate.
Clearly protectionism and isolationism, are driven by fear and paranoia. Most of these countries afraid have not experienced terror events, caused particular by migrants, but by home grown terrorist.

Victimisation of innocent people, who's countries they contributed in destroying, is just unbelievable, and to see them so terrified and afraid, to the point that they elect fascists, is mind-boggling.

Internet News Freak said...

I'm loving you already along with your sound mind and brain. Wait are you sure this is not my brother speaking. It has to be. Sounds like him. Well, I salute your UN speech here Mister/Miss

gentle said...

But African leaders nko? The west can only do so much..and why do they have to take up our responsibilities? What about our leaders? This is the exact reason why they see us as inferior to them..and I don't blame them.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

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