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Monday, 20 March 2017

Enough is enough with all these scam sites. Donate and get 200% in 3 hours... With paidme.com is real!!!

This is a sponsored post...Not endorsed by LIB.
Asking if you have lost money on all these fake websites, i call them scam websites; will be practically asking the obvious. Considering the economic recession, we have all lost money in all these websites.
I remember vividly what happened in December, 2016. I had provided help and was waiting patiently to GH on the 14th of December, only to be told there would be a break and till date, my over 3million naira is still hanging there.

Thanks to PAIDME247.COM. It was launched a few hours ago, and i keyed in, out of fear, with 100,000 naira. In less than 30minutes...Boy!!!!! i got a 200k.

It is newly launched and hence, still smoking hot.

DO not take our words for it...      

Check the proofs here


1.  Admins are not just here to milk people, they PH before they GH.

2.  They only pay bonuses to participants who refer people to the platform. Hence, no guiders/managers.

3.   We promote the platform ourselves, not just relying on participants.

4.  We have 24/7 fast support Team.

5.  There is no downtime on the website

6.  Read more on Paidme247.com

Note that there are several packages on PAIDME247.COM, register here:

Donate N20,000 and receive 200% in 3 minutes  to 48hrs.

Donate N50,000 and receive 200% in 3 minutes to 48hrs.

Donate N100,000 and receive 200% in 3 minutes to 48hrs.

Donate N250,000 and receive 200% in 3 minutes to 48hrs.

Register on paidme247.com, while it is new and hot.

Note that we are launching the 500k package to get 1million naira on the Wednesday 22nd of March, 2017 in 3minutes to 48hours, at 11am prompt.

See you on the other side,

Jennifer Uwa.


Michelle Aniezue said...

hope you are checking these people before you put their up on your site

Mr Maddux said...

This one na original Ponzi scheme .
If you invest a cent here it will dissapear.
Be warned ...

Queenette Chinonyerem said...

The same people, scam!

Afolabi Caleb said...

All na scam in digression joor

Afolabi Caleb said...

na God go punish all of na ponzi schemes scammers. Please people don't put your money o.. They are all harm robbers

Enlargement Inc said...

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Iniboioke Kanu said...

How true is this?

Franklyn said...

I heard from Authentic Source that Linda Owns some of this Ponzi Sites.. i had to believe it given the person that told me.. though nothing is 100% sure but i know this is true and i also know she might not publish the comment...

Dayo Sakoto said...

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Anonymous said...

Lol,this one actualy paid me today

Anonymous said...

I tried 250,000 ohhh. I know the queue is always less there.
I have been paid oh#!!

Paidme247 is the bomb.

Anonymous said...

Scam. Even the one that went on break December is still better than these new ones. I still believe on MMM .

Anonymous said...

Please let's go back to MMM . It's real

Esther Akpan said...

This is one of the best since Pay donors. So much Yahoo Scams lately. My 50k is really giving me good turnover

Anonymous said...

This is like a breathe of fresh air.We have nof had sometin this good and legit since paydonors and twinkas. Yahoo boys have been trying so hard to spoil things. Most newly launched websites turn out scam after 1hrs this is legit.

My 50k is really bringing returns back. I feel so good.

Esther Akpan said...

Its paying and thats almost unbelibeable. Yahooboys have really been trying to spoil the whole ponzi scope with lots of fake sites. This is about one of the best after paydonors n twinkas. Feels so good. Im happy i made the 50k decision

Chiamaka Mary-ann said...

No be scam ooo I have been receiving payment since they launched it. This morning I received #40,000 from them even my friends

Lois said...

They are scammers please people don,t fall for them again

Lois said...

Scammers.,,please don't put ur money

Anonymous said...

Kindly follow link to join
It is hot, it is real double your money in 5mins-15days
I don get alert ooo


Anonymous said...

But d queue numba dey increase instead of decrease....na wa....na real wa. Hmmmmmmmm....scammer oo

Anonymous said...

Twinkas is legit and paying

Anonymous said...

Scammers at it again....Run with u r money....ones beaten twice shy

Anonymous said...

Scammers at it again....Run with u r money....ones beaten twice shy

Anonymous said...

Because you have been scammed by one scheme does not mean others are likely to scam you
Everyone is just saying its a scam
No one has said i donated and it has not paid me
Do it or leave it
No one is forcing you
If you scare away potential participants
You cannot stop participants with testimonies
Rich people take chances in circumstances
Dey there dey say na scam!

Johnson said...

I paid and I haven't been paid

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