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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Benue State Governor reacts to fresh herdsmen attacks."These people murdered did not carry any arms. They were killed in cold blood!"

The Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom has reacted to the renewed attacks by suspected herdsmen in the state.
No fewer than 10 persons were killed and several others injured after suspected herdsmen attacked Mkgovur village in Buruku Local Government Area of the state last Friday. The All Progressive Congress (APC) LG Secretary, Hon. Terseer Shirga,was among those killed in the attack. (pictured)

It was gathered that herdsmen forcefully entered the village to graze on farmlands but were resisted by the youths. They left only to mobilise and returned to the village in large numbers shooting sporadically and chasing everyone from their homes.
"The Federal Government has to rise up to its responsibility as far as this crisis is concerned and do more to avoid further bloodshed in Benue State. The police must step up their activities and arrest these criminals who come around and murder my people," the Governor said earlier today while visiting affected areas.
"I was expecting the security agencies to have arrested those who killed these people. I am here personally to find out and I have already confirmed that none of the herdsmen were killed or attacked. My people were the ones attacked. So this is not allowed. I am a man who fears God and I am always fair in my judgement.
"As far as I am concerned, there is no record of any herdsman who has been killed or any of the cattle rustled or killed. So why should my people be killed? These people who were murdered here did not carry any arms. They were killed in cold blood. This is not right and the security men will just have to step up because to allow impunity to continue will not be fair. And I have a limit to how I can restrain my people from going for revenge. I have a limit even as Governor. I am not happy with this development. I expect that the security men should go after the armed herdsmen. I have restricted my people from killing Fulani men or killing their cattle."


Anonymous said...

Licensed to kill. Devilish fulanis. Satanic buhari

Kiki Africana said...

That is what Apostle Suleman was talking that nrought up all this mess.And some ignorant people joined the antichrist.
May God grant us wisdom.
Now who will talk again?
Oh Jehova arise in your anger and let your enemies be scattered.
Inbtwn since Buhari was in London this semi humans suspended their killings.

Anonymous said...

Foolish governor you better equipped your people before they finished all of you,medicine after death

Anonymous said...

Yes Buhari is back. They feel empowered to continue killing. Una no see say Buhari aura na sucking blood????

Anonymous said...

What dou expect when their Godfather PMB is back

Puddy Alpheaus said...

Governor Ortom, the Benue people should hold you responsible for this killing. You, together with Nassarawa state governor asked your people to forgive the herdsmen, and allow them to graze and live with them. And one thought that you ought to be wiser and more knowledgeable. And now you're crying, and your cry may be,is why did the herdsmen not kill more

Anonymous said...

People just go into political offices without knowing their responsibilities. Abeg somebody should tell this Governor that Benue state is primarily his responsibility. Why is he there? Someone should tell him that the security personels in his state are answerable to HIM. He has the right to fire those not doing their job, if he feels they are not enough or they do not have things to work with then, he can ask the Federal Government to provide.
People like Fayose would have been having the same problem in his state but he has nipped it in the bud.
Why is El-Rufai not crying and waiting for Federal Government?
See him crying like a baby, waiting for federal Government to come and spoon feed him. Abeg he is not fit to be a Governor, he should be impeached!
See him even talking about his people retaliating.

Anonymous said...

What will kaduna state governor will say about this now? Did banue people kill have a repayable depth? Someday he will answer for crime against humanity. Nigeria is too big for their setting...keep sponsoring evil soon light will shine and evil will be over run

Rose said...

God help us. Thank God for the likes of fayose. Trust me he knows how to treat these fucked up herdsmen.

Anonymous said...

See wat a governor of a state is sayingthe federal government has to rise to its responsibility to do wat?instruct some security men to guide dat village nd build police stations everywhere around village,don't stand there nd b talkin like a baby,gov fayose should b an example to u,learn from him.

Anonymous said...

Governor, Samuel Ortom YOU ARE A COWARD

Anonymous said...

Stay there and be talking rubbish, shebi you dey follow them dey do arewa meeting, northern governors meeting? El-rufai brought the no public preaching bill and all the northern states adopted it, including your state that is predominantly christian! Una stupidity no get part 2

ogiri emmanuel said...

Thnx God, has it been is agatu, the Govnor won't say anything. Falani has no friend. They can be friend today and attack u 2mao... Let this be eyes opener to u ..

Anonymous said...

Nto nu!

JAO said...

Up to date, am not any of these herdsmen have been arrested yet innocent lives are been taken by punks. Swift action is called for, enough of this unnecessary killings.

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