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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

"A spouse is not a punching bag!" Omoni Oboli speaks on domestic violence

Actress, Omoni Oboli has spoken against the increased cases of domestic violence. In a Instagram post, she advised couples to walk away whenever their partners are upsetting them to a point where they can no longer take it. She also advised victims of domestic violence to speak up. She wrote;

'' We are not perfect...but our love is perfect 😍 We are totally flawed but love covers a multitude of sins. @nnamdioboli thanks for loving an imperfect me! 💋 Now...the reason for this post...there's no reason to hit a spouse or a partner. There's no scenario where it's excusable. If your spouse is upsetting you at any point and you feel you can't take it, walk away!!! Wetin?!!! 😡😡😡 A spouse is not a punching bag! This applies to both men and women...because I heard some women are Mike Tyson wannabes. This thing is getting out of hand! Abeg, your spouse did not cause the recession. Don't transfer agression! It's also not ok to have a violent relationship so you can have great makeup sex! One day, That play will lead to someone's death. Please, I'm begging you, if you are guilty of this, cease!!! Stop it now! While, I'm not an advocate for divorce, Pls speak up if you are a victim. Don't keep quiet to your grave. May God help us all 😇


daniel ubong said...

Women talk too much and must of them insult to the core!so how long would a man walk away?

dee boi said...

Dem no go her nah cos of money and shame... dee

Tayo said...

Everybody is talking about domestic violence these days... am glad it is getting more exposure.
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Anonymous said...

Omono are you sure you don't punch your husband? From the way he looks helpless all the time, it looks like you abuse him.

final said...

ok oh

Debbie Chelsea said...

Well said

Anonymous said...

Linda, it's not recent increase, women are just getting bolder and speaking out. The abuse has been going on for years. Thanks to other women who speak out, giving other abused women strength to say Enough is Enough.

mary okere said...

True talk.. Just walk away instead of hitting.

Anonymous said...

Happy family,she and d hubby looks alike.

Anonymous said...

Domestic violence everyday, I am just tired, but believe me, these women are the ones panel beating their husbands.

sholetoga said...

Correct talk Omoni.Me should learn to control their temper. But truth be told, some women can abuse their husband till the men loose their mind.
So when you admonish the men, tell the women to learn to control their tongue too.
Am a woman and I've seen how some women brings out the demon in their husband with their sharp mouth....

scott-tiny Solomon said...

i agree

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