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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

75-year-old man sentenced to three years imprisonment for raping 5-year-old girl in Jos

A magistrate court sitting in Kasuwan Nama, Jos, the Plateau State, on Tuesday, January 10th, sentenced 75-year-old Aminu Abubakar to three years imprisonment with no option of fine for defiling a five-year-old girl.

About three weeks ago, Abubakar, a tailor was alleged to have lured his neighbour’s daughter to his shop located at Ali Kazaure community in Jos North, and raped her after applying petroleum jelly.

Magistrate Lawal Suleiman, while delivering his judgment, Magistrate Lawal Suleiman said the offence committed by the convict warranted a severe punishment despite his age and being a first time offender.
"In view of the nature of the offence committed which is defiling a minor, the accused Aminu Abubakar is hereby sentenced to three full calendar years of imprisonment, having found this to be his first time appearing before the court with such offense.
Police prosecutor, Ashiru Ibrahim while responding to questions after the judgment, said, “We are pleased with the judgment, hoping it will serve as deterrent to others.” 

Mother of the victim, Hassana Muhammad also expressed satisfaction that justice had been done to the case, and called on mothers to bewatchful of their children's movement
"With such judgment within a short period of time, it has given us hope in the system."
Source: Daily Trust


Anonymous said...

***3 years only? Nigeria is cursed.

OSINANL said...


bollarbie said...

really! Just 5years? Death to the perverted bastard.

Fortunatus Ifenna said...

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Anonymous said...

Yet 14 years for being gay, not even for having gay sex, for just being gay! Whilst just "3 YEARS" for the defilement of a 5 year old girl child, by a paedophile?!

This is not his first time, how many other victims are there? Is the child going to receive compensation? Will the girl child be taken care of?

He is a paedophile! You can't even use the word in the verdict!

This is an outrage, there must be a retrial, this verdict must be rejected!

This is an affront to girls, an insult to women. It is an abuse of the credibility of the legal system! It is a disgrace to the legitimacy of our moral obligations to protect the vulnerable amongst us.

It will not be a deterrent, it is a joke.

Vivian Reginalds said...

only 3?
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

MyPersonalOpinion said...

What will a 75 year old man still want in a 5 year old girl. This world is turning upside down.

I am MPO and this is just My Personal Opinion
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edDREAMZ said...

Foolish idiot....

Anonymous said...

Please who can tell me with is wrong with this old man?

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Sql 9ja said...

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Anonymous said...

I personally don't fink 3 years is enuf...this scum bags should be sentenced to 10 years...I don't care bout his age or weds hez a first time offender...he shouldnt be allowed to roam around the streets...n we all know that he would be out before 3years..cos of good behavior...dis z sooo sad..that 3 years is considered a good judgment...its not..buht we would take what we can get n live to fight anoda day...cos I would fight this rapist with every blood in my system.. I would dedicate my whole life to fighting them....

scrummies scrummies said...

3 years they say. Why? For such grievous crime or they considered his age. When he was doing it did he atleast consider d girls age? Count urself lucky dat am nt d judge

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous 16:08. Being gay where it's two consensual adults you get 14years, yet for defiling a young vulnerable 5year old you get 3years. Our legal system has failed us! And our legislators are the biggest ridicule ever!

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