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Friday, 2 December 2016

Mixing business with pleasure now has a new defintion

There are two kinds of people in this world. The first kind are kind of easy to spot. They are always bursting with so much energy and ready for work, play, fun, you name it! Let me give you an example of this kind of person …you.
Yes, You

So you wake up in the morning, and you’re pretty much rearing to go! You’ve got a ton of stuff to sort out today, but you also have a list of “Other stuff” planned that you know will guarantee a refreshingly fulfilled day.

Ok, Ok, Ok, I will tell you what these “Other Stuff” are. Lots of activities can give you that burst of refreshment alongside your busy schedules. It could either be playing basketball with the fellas, going swimming, planning a holiday trip with bae, hooking up with the Jazz Band for rehearsals, it may even be attending a party – After work of course!
One question though…, what would be the preferred activity to guarantee the best refreshment from all you have to do today? These are the thoughts on your mind as you reach for your first juice pack of the day.

Mmmmm, Yummy

Wow, what a burst of refreshment! You wonder how this got to taste so good, and still be so refreshing. You knew this bundle of refreshment as Chi Happy Hour, and now it’s rebranded as Happy Hour by Chivita. Well, another pack won’t hurt.

You know you better take a few more packs with you, it’s going to be a busy day. Which of course leads to another question; which one(s) are you going to take with you? Definitely the Guava Cheer variant, it’s so yummy and exciting …, but then what about Groovy Kiwi Mint Lime? It’s so groovy! You know what, just take them both. But if you do that, will there be space for Totally Tropical? Arrrghhhhhh ……

It’s not like you have a favorite, all 5 variants are pretty awesome. Maybe it’ll be easier if you chose the nicest and most excitingly looking pack.

 Well that didn’t work. Happy Hour by Chivita fruit drink now has a new pack design and honestly, it looks so trendy and glamorous, you want to ask who their fashion designer is. Guess you’ll just have to take one of each variant, like that wasn’t your plan all along.

Fast forward to the end of the day, and you’re almost ready for the party. You reflect on how your day went, as you take another refreshing sip of your umpteenth pack of Happy Hour by Chivita fruit juice.

Time to get this party started!

You jump up and call your friends, who don’t sound as excited as you. Apparently, they all had really long days, they definitely need that fruity refreshment from Happy Hour by Chivita. This brings us to the Second type of people, people who haven’t experienced the refreshing goodness of Happy Hour by Chivita.

Time to let the refreshment go round. And because you are feeling generous today you let them take their pick from all of the variants; Groovy Kiwi Mint Lime, Guava Cheer, Splashing Apple Peach Pear, Peach Pop, and Totally Tropical. Yes, tonight’s gonna be a fun and exciting night.

Fast forward to the next morning. The party was LIT! You and your friends raised the roof on that place! What a night! The only hiccup was when y’all ran out of juice, literally. So note to self, next time get more packs of Happy Hour by Chivita. Or maybe just bigger packs, the more the merrier right?  Or even on-the-go packs, so you and your friends always stay refreshed. This bundle of fruity refreshment comes in 1litre, 500ml, 315ml, and 200ml pack. There is surely a pack to suit every lifestyle.



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