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Thursday, 1 December 2016

International drug racket busted in Hyderabad, 2 Nigerians, 3 Indians arrested, 23 grams of cocaine seized

On Wednesday, November 30th, the Commissioner's Task Force, West Zone Team in a joint operation with Golconda Police nabbed two Nigerian national and three Indians from Hyderabad who were in possession of Narcotic substance.

(23) grams of Cocaine, (1) Laptop, (07) Cell phones, (1) Samsung pad, (2) bikes, (3) Tapes which were used to pack Cocaine drug, Rs.3,000/ were recovered from their possession.
The Nigerian men are identified as Benard Wilson, 26, and Godpower Nnemubu, 25, a footballer from Imo State. Benard completed his Secondary School Education at his country. In the month of June-2016 he came to Hyderabad, India on Student VISA and stayed at Tolichowki, Hyderabad. Later he was shifted to Plot No.122, B-Block, P&T Colony, Sun City, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad.
Godpower completed his Secondary School Education at his country. In the month of November-2015 he came to Delhi on Tourist VISA and residing at Devi’s Road, New Delhi and used to visit Hyderabad to meet his friend Benard. On interrogation it is revealed that they use one of their local dialects to communicate with one another and have established a drug network all over India especially in metropolitan cities.

The Indian suspects, Khaleel Nadeem Mir Sujath Ali aged 24 yrs.Rukunuddin Ahmed Siddiq Ahmed,25, and 18-year-old student Idres Kaleem Farhan Kaleem Yousuf Ahmed.

According to a press release by the Commissioner of Police, Commissioners Task Force, Hyderabad, Benard come to India on student VISA in the month of June-2016. He also started hair business in Hyderabad but he did not get profits for his expenses. Later he joined with his friend by name Charlie. At the time of living with Charlie the accused Benard observed that his friend Charlie is purchasing Cocaine from unknown persons on lowest price and selling the same to needy customers in Hyderabad on higher price and getting profits for his lavish expenses.

Later the accused Benard asked Charlie to sell Cocaine to him on lowest price. The said Charlie agreed with him and started selling the Cocaine on lowest price to Benard and also introduced drugs purchasers/consumers to him. About one month back the accused Charlie went back to his native place. At the time of leaving he gave Cocaine to the accused Benard.

Benard was selling the Cocaine on higher price to the needy customers in Hyderabad and earning money illegally. He would purchase Cocaine for Rs.3000/- per gram and sell the same for Rs.5000- to 6000.

Godpower who is staying in New Delhi is friend of Benard and used to visit Hyderabad regularly to meet him. He explained the profits by selling Cocaine to Godpower and asked to join with him to sell the Cocaine and also inform to get customers for him. They both hatched a plan to sell Cocaine on higher price in Hyderabad and other areas.

Benard also developed contacts with potential customers for supplying cocaine drug. Once the new consumer calls the supplier and gives the password, he becomes part of the chain. On verification, his contact persons are mostly Indians and most of them might be drug addicts and regularly contacting him over the phone to source their supplies, most of the times the accused delivers the consignment at Banjara Hills, Golconda, Tolichowki and other areas in Hyderabad and on the demand of the customer.

About two months back the accused persons Khaleel Nadeem Mir and Rukunuddin Ahmed met with Benard in one party and got friendship with him and he informed them that he will supply cocaine for Rs.5000/- per gram. Later they purchased Cocaine in two times for Rs.5000/- per gram from Benard. The accused persons Khaleed Nadeem Mir and Rukunuddin Ahmed using the Cocaine in parties for consuming and also selling it to their friends for Rs.6000/- to Rs.7000/- per gram.

The accused persons Khaleel Nadeem Mir and Rukunuddin Ahmed informed the same to accused Idres Kaleem @ Farhan Kaleem. They hatched plan to purchase Cocaine from Benard on lowest price and selling the same the needy customers on higher price. The accused Idres Kaleem @ Farhan Kaleem informed his friends Khaleel Nadeem Mir and Rukunuddin Ahmed to purchase Cocaine from Benard as one of the customers will ready to purchase on higher price. On which Khaleel Nadeem Mir informed Benard to sell Cocaine to them and asked to deliver at Golf Course road, Golconda, Hyderabad.

As per the instructions of Khaleel Nadeem Mir, on Wednesday, Benard and Godpower came at Golf course road, Golconda, Hyderabad and supplied Cocaine to Khaleel Nadeem Mir, Rukunuddin Ahmed and Idres Kaleem Farhan Kaleem. Police arrived and apprehended them.
Further investigations are being conducted to unearth their network with other local and foreign drug dealers.


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Nigerians anf quick money schemes!

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Bad reputation


Why always Nigerians.
And when they are sentenced to death, Nigerian government will be pleading on their behalf.

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Nigerian must be involved

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Nigerians n cokes! Why always we?

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I don't want to die in silence, because if I speak out I believe and pray I will get help. After my shop and goods I bought with almost all my savings was raised down by fire some months back, I lost a lot and from that day onwards till today I have been struggling to stand on my feet again, It has not been easy coupled with the fact that my rent has expired for over a month and my landlord has given me two weeks to pay up or pack out. Pls I need help no amount is little as it will go a long way in paying up my rent. thank you.

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They can't outrun the long arm of law.

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Our own don too much

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Sensational. Giving the Dog A Big/Bad name to hang it. Therefore the 5 Members of the "International Drug Racket" nabbed with 23 grams of cocaine, lap top, Samsung pad,Phones bicycles 3,000 Rupees, and on students visa will be condemned to death

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As usual! Linda take note!

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You lot are taking a piss yeah? "International Drug Racket" is 23 grams of cocaine? 23 GRAMS? Most of y'all put more salt in your rice.

And what is illegal about lap top, Samsung pad,Phones bicycles 3,000 Rupees???

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