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Thursday, 1 December 2016

How stubborn tummy fat almost ruined my mariage

This is a sponsored post...
It was like a dream to me that sometimes I had to pinch myself to wake up. After we got married and I returned to work (Customer Service desk) everything was fine till after 8months I started adding weight, shape started changing, looking bigger

 at first my husband thought I was pregnant, He had to force me to go for pregnancy test when I knew I was not pregnant. The test result proved negative, na den I know say  Wahala don start oh… My Husband Started complaining, his main issue was just my tummy, my tummy was as big as that of a 3months pregnant woman.

I Started preaching “Love Me the Way I am” to my husband but complains did not stop but sometimes he will pretend to be happy but deep inside me I know when he is really happy.
Sometimes when I look at myself at the mirror I cried because my tummy was really looking ugly, but I was not like this? Other ladies wished for my shape and body type before I got married, I said to myself. Cry and murmuring was not the answer. My husband was ashamed to take me out with him to occasions, he was always embarrassed on how I was looking, he found it difficult to introduce me so people won’t think I am his mother.

Confronting him was not the answer I knew where the problems came from; I have been “LAZY” about it.
How do I work on myself? As a banker time won’t permit me
I started goggling for solutions, what I saw? Slimming tea! I purchased different types.
Did it work?  Yes and NO.
Yes that I started losing weight: No because the tummy fat was still there.
I tried several weight lost diet to a certain level where I got sick..
I started losing focus at work.
My husband saw my efforts; he started supporting and looking for solutions.
One Saturday he presented me a package that he ordered online for me, He told me about comments and testimonies he saw other women and men shared.
At first I didn’t believe it will work but I had to encourage my husband effort, I started wearing it that same day, I wore it to Church and to work on Monday.
After a week I did not did need anyone to tell me that I have finally found solution to my stubborn belly fat. It didn’t take much time all the belly fat disappeared.
I got my real self-back, Happiness in my home restored, Oga dey proud of me any day, anytime and everywhere..
My husband apologized to me with a brand new car last month.
Guess what? I am 2weeks pregnant.
Now I know that much fat in the tummy can delay getting pregnant.
I decided to import some pieces of this tummy trimmer from Columbia to help other women and men out there.

Please read to the end


Tummy fat is disgusting and it turns men off, they won’t tell you.
Your lover does not want to tell you how much he dislikes that fat tummy of yours because he does not want to hurt your feelings.
Research shows that 70% of men cheat on their women because of the above reason
Let me tell you a secret,
He is pretending to love you the way you are
Don’t mind those saying your shape is amazing when you know is not
He will start chasing after those girls with hour glass shape
You will become a house wife meaning he will stop going out with you

Okay, let’s get serious on the health effects of fat/pot Belly
Getting back your old shape can be challenging because of your busy daily activities,
Most people work from Monday to Saturday with little or no time towork out.

Oga Boss that pot belly is not healthy at all
Gone are those days when people thought having pot belly was a sign of affluence, good living and everything else in between. In fact, to belong to a certain well respected clique you need to put your big belly on display as a sign of being well off.

There is no good news with accumulated belly fat.  A moderately sized person with significant belly fat (pot belly) shares the same risk as an overweight person with accumulated belly fat. Excessive belly fat leaves you at risk of the following diseases;

Cardiovascular diseases
Type 2 diabetes
Sleep apnea
Colon cancer
Pancreatic cancer


"Let Me Show You A Powerful Solution That Will Help You Get Rid Of Big Tummy And Get a Nice Looking Flat Stomach In Just 20 Days..."


No Side Effect, For Married and Un-Married.
Read till the end to find out more details about this tummy trimmer and how you can get it too 

If you currently have a "big belly" that sticks out every time you wear a fitted cloth and this has given you a lower self-esteem, make you self-conscious and prevent you from wearing the dress you want, then I want you to pay attention to this very important letter because it’s the most important message you will ever read today.

Why is that?
This is because I am about to hand over the exact tummy trimmer that over 3000 Nigerian women and men just like you have used over the past 3 months to burn off excess UGLY Belly fat that has plagued them all their lives and replaced it with a flatter, toned belly that looks good in body hugging dresses.

Let Me Show You Some More Testimonies From Some Of These REAL Nigerian's Just Like You That I Have Helped To Get A Flatter Belly And Amazing Trimmed Body...

 Finally, Here's the "Before" and "After" Photo of Vivian When She Used The tummy trimmer
NOTE - Vivian Is Married with Kids and she achieved a Flatter Belly.

EXTRA TESTIMONIES so you can believe this tummy trimmer really works

SEE >>>>

So, why am I showing you these testimonies?
I am showing you these testimonies for two major reasons:
Reason # 1 - To Show you that I am very experienced with this and I have REAL proven results to back it up.
Reason # 2 - To show you that you too can get rid of UGLY fat and achieve a flatter belly just like the people in the testimonials I showed you above.
Here’s the best part:
You look sexy when you’re wearing it!
The garment basically increases heat so as to stimulate perspiration around your abdominal area. This in turn burns more calories and it is especially useful in burning specific fatty tissues.

Let Me Reveal Something To You...
If you are reading this post, chances are that your belly has suddenly grown bigger over the past few months or possibly years.
For you, it could be that you don't know how it started, or maybe you've just got married or spend most of your time at a desk and you discover that your belly is getting bigger or maybe you've recently had a baby and you are a nursing mother or as a result of much alcohol intake or just maybe your own "big tummy" has been there from the last time you had your last child or caesarean operation...

If You Relate With The Above...

Then I know you've become so tired of watching the BELLY FAT ruin your confidence that you decided to do something about it....
So you did what most people would do...which is a BIG Mistake:
A. Put yourself on a Starvation Diet; where you starve yourself of food for hours and only eat just one meal per day all in the name of getting a flat belly, and despite putting your body under so much stress, you have nothing to show for it.
B. You buy Chinese slimming tea and slimming concoctions through recommendation from friends and put yourself through the torture of drinking the foul smelling drinks without seeing any result whatsoever.
The Truth Is.....
You did not see any result because all these methods DO NOT work to get rid of Belly Fat.
For you to get rid of the fat around your belly completely for good, you need to use This Particular tummy trimmer that has been proven to work times and times over and over again by people who are just like you who have the same predicament as you.

SEE >>


This body shaper tummy trimming clincher is your perfect choice. It helps to create an attractive and feminine body shape by slimming down your waist and tummy. It features high waist, stretch mesh paneling and hook-eye closure which offer super support to your tummy, waist, hips and midriff. It perfectly suit all outfit and no one will ever know that you put it on.

* Immediately reduces waistline, burn fat and flattens tummy
* Controls, molds and corrects posture
* Back fat eliminator
* Create a smooth and streamlined shaped
* Promotes quick postpartum recovery
* Stimulate Perspiration
* It makes you look charming and gorgeous
* Easy to put on and take off
 * Steel bone adoption offers great support and lift up
 * Durable and long lasting, 100% natural high quality latex

Directions for Use:

The first few weeks of wearing the tummy trimmer you must not over train. Begin by wearing the tummy trimmer 2-4 hours per day. Gradually add an hour or two to your daily waist training regimen until you are able to wear it throughout the entire day.
You can wear it under your clothe to work, church or anywhere.

How To Know Your Size:
We have Four different sizes >> Medium, Large, XL and XXL
If You Don't Know Your Size, Don't Worry About That. Our Delivery Agent Will Come With 4 Different Sizes For You To Choose The One That Best Fit Your Tummy.

Watch this video

Now, Back to the Big Question
How Much Does this item Cost?

We want everyone to have this that is why we have decided to make it affordable


For Just N12, 000 only!!!
After which the price will go up to its normal retail price of N15,000... So don't waste time!
So your limited timed price for the next few days is only N12,000.

Dont Worry If It’s Scam Or Not Because You Only Pay When The Goods Is Brought To You By Our Agent

We Offer Pay On Delivery.
You only pay when the goods have been brought to you face to face by our delivery agent
Delivery takes 1 - 3 days after placing your order.


How to Order.....?
Place your order by SMS
SEND BELOW DETAILS to 08100746733
* Item Name ( Tummy Trimmer )
* Your Full Name
* Your Phone Number ( Provide 2 numbers if available)
* Full Address Including state and LGA( Home Or Office, we deliver to anywhere you want )
* When You Need The Item To be Deliver To you ( DATE) The Date shouldn't exceed 5 days From today
Send This Information to 08100746733
Once we receive your Text Message, Our Agent Will Put A Call Across to you!

If you would love to buy in bulk to resell (10pieces and above), you may ring us on 08100746733 to get the reseller price.

Note: We Only Have few pcs Of tummy trimmer Available. If you are really Interested, Then You Have to order for it today Before its sold out.

If you have any question about this, kindly reach out to me. You can call me and i will gladly respond to you.

Watch the video on how to wear on our Fb Page

Please Do NOT ORDER if you are not ready financially or present at your location to receive your order.
Thank you


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