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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Win big on find your treasure

Find Your Treasure is a mobile promo running on MTN Platform, only for MTN Subscribers. Win N50, 000 daily, and N5, 000, 000 monthly.

The Promo is ongoing and winners have been emerging.


1.       Type the word Treasure.
2.        Choose a number from 1-20.
3.       Send to 33073
Play as many as possible to increase chances of winning the Daily N50, 000, and the Monthly N5, 000, 000.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Winning N50,000 today isn't this hard right?

Are you saying we are wrong?

Okay ask these past winners:
Anthony Ameh (09097161690), Okeke Divine (09098892681), Chiamaka Faith (08039449189) Ogwuazor Patrick Ifeanyi (09060381107) Lawrence Okoh (08037902350) John Abubakar (08033038661), Emmanuel Westscott (08032550680), Akinola Victor (07035812341), Ode Faith Vincent (2348148647494), Juliet Amaka Anya (08162655110), Meimunat Abdullahi (08060775114), Maryjane Chukwunyerenwa (08039461271), Agbogo Joy (2348163115141), Emmanuel Onuada (08166496496), John Abubakar (08033038661), Alabi Johnson (08134277370), Benedict Igomu (07061661200), Akon Dangana (08100033525), Ibeabuchi Kenneth (07036833240) Louis Amos (08069342596) to name only a few.


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Anonymous said...

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Juliet Iwuno said...

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