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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Sunlight Laraba’s World TV Drama: Rivalry between Hajia Gambo and Hajia Hadiza drives viewers’ conversation

Sunlight’s highly entertaining Hausa-language TV series, Laraba’s World, which airs on TV screens across northern Nigeria and also on DSTV (channel 261) and GOTV (channel 101), has become the talk of the town in the region as each episode is filled with exciting story lines which is quite educating, exciting and entertaining.

The Hausa language soap opera (with English subtitles), revolves around the lead character, Laraba (a school teacher) who is wise, resourceful and versatile; a real “Sunlight woman”. This drama series has particularly generated a lot of conversation on social media platforms using the hashtag #LarabasWorld and other traditional media especially in the Northern part of Nigeria.

In this week’s episode, Hadiza was in the swing of managing an event at the center and just as things were beginning to take shape, the unexpected happened! It seemed like the worst had happened when the table cloths that were once clean suddenly become stained with oil marks. Hadiza is close to a meltdown, while Laraba takes a moment to think and within seconds she has the team washing the table cloths with Sunlight detergent. The results are nothing short of amazing and just in the nick of time too! Suddenly the generator went off while the event was in full swing also, this was quite disturbing and thanks to Laraba and teacher Ahmed’s smart move, the culprit is caught! We soon discover that the master planner behind the series of mishaps is no other than Hajiya Gambo! What happens next?!

All these and many more on Laraba’s World TV Drama series as Laraba highlights how a Sunlight woman grows her home, business and community by handling common daily issues with wisdom and resourcefulness.

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To watch episode seven on YouTube, click on this URL

The drama continues on Laraba’s World on the following selected TV stations in Northern Nigeria.

Sunlight…. Burst after Bursts of Freshness…


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