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Friday, 18 November 2016

Skins that talk

Not all skins are created equal but we believe that by innovative technology and advancement any skin can become flawless. Flawless skin is the prettiest thing a girl can wear. This is why we have partnered with one of the leading innovators of skin care products in the world to bring flawless skin to your door step.

 Are you struggling with skin concerns such as uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, hormonal discoloration, acne scars, sunburn, pregnancy scars, dark knuckles, dark feet, dark hands or you just want a flawless lighter complexion that will get heads turning we have just the right product range to help you achieve the best skin you could ever dream of. Our New York Fair & Lovely range rejuvenates the skin thereby revealing a luminous, lighter, more radiant youthful skin. Our range has helped clear skin reaction to products such as Makari. Whether you have oily, dry, normal or combination skin, we have you covered.  Without doubt this is skincare at its best.

New York Fair and Lovely is a luxury American brand skin care range designed for the sophisticated, bold and beautiful. We are aware that there are various products out there but New York Fair and Lovely is truly one of a kind, its secret formulation delivers without compromise and you get great value for your money.  If your objective is to achieve a glowing skin, lighter complexion, even skin tone, softer skin look no further because the New York Fair & Lovely range is your one stop shop for a youthful skin. With visible result after the first use(Yes! I said first use) it is Great value for your money that will leave you wondering why you are just discovering our brand. The good news is you have discovered it.

It comes in a range of five products; Lightening body lotion, Fade cream(100ml), exfoliating soap, serum and gel tube. Each of these products addresses specific skin concerns:

Exfoliating soap: All skin types
Lightening body lotion: All skin types.
Gel tube: Oily, normal, combination skin.
Serum: All skin types

Active lightening cream(Fade Cream): Dry, normal, combination skin. Formulated in a rich creamy texture, it derives its chocolate color from the tea tree oil ingredient in it. Phenomenal product that delivers to the skin in a unique way.

For best results. All products are preferably used at night, follow up with sunscreen SPF30 or higher in the morning. Read manufacturer’s label for best practices.

Million Dollar Beauty Tips:
  • Exfoliate your skin @ least once a week but not more than 2-3times a week. Over exfoliating the skin can cause irritation and may sometimes turn the skin darker.
  • Wear sunscreen every day to cover all exposed parts of the body. You can re-apply sunscreen various times during the course of the day depending on your level of exposure to the sun, Applying Sunscreen is something you can’t over do.
  • Wear a wide brimmed hat to shield you from the sun because the sun is the number one damaging factor to the skin.
  • Wear protective sunglasses to shield your eyes from sun damage
Common Nigerian Myth:

Sunscreen makes me darker: This is a myth that has been debunked, remember that sunscreen was made with the sun in mind so sunscreen does not make you darker instead the lack of sunscreen in your skin care regimen over exposes you to the sun thus making you darker. In cases where you are brightening or lightening your skin becomes even more sensitive to the sun it is the lack of sunscreen in your beauty regimen that causes sun burn, dark patches and other skin discolorations.

How do I mix my cream:
You do not need to mix our products but you may use multiple products for more  intensity.  When the serum is part of your regimen, always apply the serum first and allow a few minutes to dry before applying another product.

“Your face cream is da bomb. You need to see my face as fresh as ever!
Thanks.  I would save up and get the body lotion." (6days)
“I went to work without make up today and someone commented that my face looks really good”(about 2 weeks)
“I just gave someone your no she said she likes my skin hehehe” (just after 2days)
“My friends are asking me what I’m using o, I told them that I just started using the product” (less than 2weeks)

Please visit for more information.

To purchase online please visit
Pharmacies: Medplus Health & Beauty, Mopheth Pharmacy, Alpha Pharma Ikeja
Supermarkets: Blenco, Prince Ebeano, Ebeano, De-Prince, Home affairs, Ccd Superstores
Stores: U-gos Cosmetics
Retailers please contact:
Distributors: Jumatex Investment @ 08033165145, Cibson Investment @ 08033185074.

For distributorship, please visit

 Ms April, CEO of April's Signature Bridal & Beauty Port harcourt @ 08088959308

                                                   whatsapp @ 08057557125

                                                             @ 08035644728


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****************************ah no want the one wey dey talk ********i talk enough already

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