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Monday, 28 November 2016

Read hot free erotic romance novels by @KiruTaye today on @OkadaBooks

Kiru Taye, writes very hot erotic romance novels … the hotter the better. Want to download for free some of her best selling romance Novels?

Then go to where you can start enjoying some of her sexiest classics, including, Bound To Ransom, Keeping Secrets, Valentine and many more.

You can also enjoy an immediate taste of Kiru Taye’s enchanting words in the below excerpt from her Engaged (Challenge Series, #2) novel below:
“He stopped at arm’s length and extended his hand. Without hesitation, she placed her hand in his and held his stare boldly. On connection, a warm tingle spread from his hand down his back. Her hand was soft and warm. Yet her grip was firm and confident.I’m Ijay Amadi.” Her sultry voice brushed his skin in a featherlike caress.
The throbbing of his arousal increased. The heady mix of her timidity and trust made him want to crush her soft curves against his hardness. If she had this effect on him just holding his hand, what would it feel like on the rest of his body? He wanted to find out. Shame he only had tonight.”

Want to find out what happens next?

Then read the entire novel by going here  Engaged (Challenge Series, #2) by downloading the FREE okadabooks reading app here to see what happens next.

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