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Friday, 18 November 2016

Mum calls 911, says her 1 year old daughter was strangled to death by her 2 year old brother

A 27 year old Florida mom, Kristen De Pasquale, has been charged with murder in connection with the death of her 1-year-old daughter, who police say was found with Halloween lights wrapped around her neck.
De Pasquale called 911 Thursday evening, claiming her 2-year-old son, Michael, choked his infant sister Mia Rice, to death with the string of Halloween lights while she was taking a shower in the master bathroom. She said:
"I was taking a shower and my kids were out here playing and I came out and her like, I have the Halloween lights and it was wrapped around her neck. I was gone for two seconds!”
De Pasquale said she desperately tried to revive the child but couldn't.
Police say the child was discovered in a crouched position but with her feet on the floor.
Police Sgt. Matthew DePanicis also tried to revive the infant with CPR but she was pronounced dead an hour later at the Emergency Room.

Oviedo Police detective Christopher said their suspicions began when they checked the shower floor and it was dry. The towels she claimed to have used after she got out of the bathroom was also dry, indicating she was not in the shower when baby Mia was strangled. She also had full make up on, jewelry and her feet were dirty.

In addition, the Volunsia county medical examiner in Orlando, Marie Herrman said a toddler like Michael does not have the physical strength to strangle his baby sister.
The accused mom looked dazed when she appeared in court Monday.

She said only a single word.
The judge asked her: “Do you have any questions about your appearance here today?”

“No,” she replied.

The shocked judge said: “No? Gook luck, Ma'am. I feel for you.”

De Pasquale was held without bail.

Her attorney, Tim Caudill, refused to comment on whether she was innocent or guilty.
He said:
"This is a terrible tragedy for everyone involved," Caudill told the Orlando Sentinel. "She's very upset. She lost a child, a child she loved very much."
Michael was placed in the custody of a family member. The father of the children is currently serving time in prison on unrelated charges.

Source: Orlando Sentinel.


Ndubisi Tochukwu said...

Ok she wants me to believe that right?


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Ejiro jyro Howells said...

No comment

OSINANL said...

This is terrible...


She obviously killed her child and tried to lie about it, look at the face of evil.
She must pay dearly for this evil.

. ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA LUMIA

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


...merited happiness

Esther Norah said...

This is why Americans ned trump. The psychological issues dat is growing in dat country is gettin out of hand and it's all due to free will. Shez probably nt married to d man n d man is in prison n he has to pay fo child support. Who knows weda she got angry wit d man n kukuma decide to kill his kids. Trump shod also review dis stupid child support system, dat is why u hav programs lik Teen Mums. Girls won't b gettin pregnant anyow n killin d kids to mak d guy angry jst bcos of child support. Americans ned help as dey influence d whole.

Liuz Babz said...

No one would have believed her anyway, a 2-year old strangling a baby to death? that will never sell. That the father is also serving time in prison tells a lot about the family

Alloy Chikezie said...

Oh dear! Na sad news I just wake up come jam. Sad news everyday, what an odd world.

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Udolisa Ugochukwu said...

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Ohiren's Zone said...

Just too bad!!.

Juliet Iwuno said...

What a world! Linda take note!

Uju Phil said...

Some fishy... Quite sad, Rip Angel.

Eddy Ogbunambala said...

Failed mother

Odibe Blessing said...

Hmmmmm she knows smtin about it,a small boy like DAT can't do it.dat's why I like oyibo ppl,investigate wella


Very difficult to believe.....hmmmmmm......

Anonymous said...

Haba. Must be a bad case of post partum depression. Happens when u ve two or three kids under 2 and no outside help.

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Iphie Abraham said...

Hmmmmmmm,na wa o. So does it mean she killed her?

Lib addict#just passing#

evy claret said...

I feel for the innocent boy, he is now alone

Eva Da Diva...

rhodajc said...

End time pikin

MyPersonalOpinion said...

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