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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

John Legend shows off baby Luna sitting down on her own

Singer, John Legend showed off his baby, Luna Legend on his IG page and captioned it "Little Legend and Puddy 😍😍😍😍".  Baby Luna is growing beautifully!


Eddy Ogbunambala said...

Adorable Luna

Nnenne George said...

Fine baby..

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


...merited happiness

Fortunatus Ifenna said...

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livingstone chibuike said...

shes growin very fast

Juliet Iwuno said...

Dats good! Linda take note!

uniquechic said...

Cuter Dan a bun!!!no doubt.has her mum's looks

Uju Phil said...

Pls let me know when she poohs... Inukwa news, mtew!

Jamila Shaibu said...


Iphie Abraham said...

Chubby baby

Lib addict#just passing#

Chizzy Liz said...

************************d girl sef don turn hot babe...... Na to go find husband marry

Vivian Reginalds said...

fine carbon copy
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

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junia said...

Wow adorable

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