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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Is a Nigerian hero the solution to Nigeria?

Do we need someone to watch over the city of Lagos, one with super strength, able to resist corruption, with the power to change the world? What If we had faith, if we were brave enough to challenge the norm and had the strength to conquer it all?

If for one day, we were granted super powers, what will we do? If, just for a day, we were Guardian Prime? Find out for free when you download the latest edition of Guardian Prime via the OkadaBooks app here

Tunde Jaiye is Guardian Prime, the Fifth Element. Blessed with awesome elemental powers, he won't ever stop fighting for what's right. In the aftermath of a massive alien invasion that left the world economy reeling, Guardian Prime found himself dragged into an uneasy alliance with UN super-agency NACSS and its tough-as-nails director, Jade Waziri.

When her apparent meddling with forces we barely understand causes the deaths of several NACSS agents, an ancient Alusi spirit is then unleashed upon the people of Lagos! Guardian Prime is forced to take action and seal it away. These actions will not be without consequences, but for now, he works alongside The Extremes, a youthful team of super powered parahumans, to protect the people of Nigeria from anything that threatens their safety....

Witness the Might of Guardian Prime and delve into the world of Comic Republic’s Nigerian Superhero comic books showing that you can be all you seek if only you have faith. Download all 8 issues of Guardian Prime via the OkadaBooks app here at

It may be a long shot but perhaps a believe in self and a faith in all that you can be, is one step closer to achieving a better reality where we can ask ourselves: what we can do as ordinary people, powers or not? Check out the trailer for Guardian Prime issue 8, the latest edition:

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Uju Phil said...!

Jamila Shaibu said...


Eddy Ogbunambala said...


Ndubisi Tochukwu said...

We need this world to come to an end. Dats wat we need.

kayode odusanya said...

We need a hero to visit our leaders at home at night and smack them around a few times till they agree to do good for the people.

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Kayne dem 4 me said...

Hmm guardian prime.. I find work.. I see work.. No run o.. Na Lagos.. O

tunji said...

Oh wow. Amazing!!! Our own personal heroes. I believe in guardian prime.

christie benjamin said...

LOL. I thought they were talking bout DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Iphie Abraham said...


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Anonymous said...

the truth is everyone of us can be a heroe and stand against this nuisance around us

Fortunatus Ifenna said...

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Andrewski Ahmadov said...

As long as these heroes dish out beans and bread, I'm cool with it.

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