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Thursday, 17 November 2016

How To Make 100% to 500% Return On Your Money in This Harsh Economy!

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Introducing a Business where you can not Lose... Have you Ever wished you had invested in Microsoft, Facebook or Google in the beginning? Well this is your chance to get a piece of this HOT PIE!! Good News – If you join OneCoin today, you will double or Tripple your investment, as a reward for being a Pioneer member!! 

As you may not have heard, it all started in 2009 with Bitcoin, the innovator in bringing the concept of a crypto currency to the world.Bitcoin started at around 10 cents each, and reached its height over4 years later at $1203. It brought some new concepts into the idea of using money electronically, hence the term digital currency was developed.
Early participants who invested in Bitcoin were some of the fortunate few who just a few years later became millionaires. Bitcoin even produced 1 billionaire. It involved mining coins similar to mining for gold.
The Next BIG Thing is ONE COIN! The Brand New Cryptocurrency that is set to change the world.

What is ONE COIN?
OneCoin is one of the top 3 global cryptocurrency market players! It is now present in 194 countries. With over 600,000 active members.
No sponsoring required to make money!!!
💎The first company to create over 700 millionaires in its first year!!!
💎The first Company to create a Top Earner's monthly incomes of 4,000,000 Euro!!!
💎The fastest company to reach 3 Billion dollars!!!
💎OneLife, the Fastest company to reach over 2.5M NOW Paid members!!!
Still  Doubting This Fact Head Over To Google and Search for  TOP EARNERS 2016 and see results like this:

Now Take A Look At This Scenario:
I joined ONE COIN by investing in one of their package (TYCOON PACKAGE) worth 5000 euros which I was given 8722.77 coins with 120,000 tokens needed for mining which will mine another 6000 coins for me.
8722.77 + 6000 = 14722 COINS
At the moment the value of one coin is 7euros. Which means the total value of my one coin is:
14722 x 7 = 36806 Euros
All this within 2 months, INVESTED: N2.5million  RETURN: N18.4m
Now when the value of ONECOIN Increase to 15 Euros by December, my ONECOIN will worth:
14722 x 15 = 220,830 Euros  ( N110,415,000)

NOTE: The Minimum Investment package is 140 Euros.
And more other ways to make money from this ONE COIN before it goes public in 2018.
So Why Should I Secure My Spot Right Now?
The top richest people know that wealth comes from discovering a trend and get in from the very beginning. Think if you were to buy BitCoin 5 years ago for just 0.50 cents each and now valued about $537 a piece, how rich would you be right now? Now here is your chance to mine OneCoins dirt cheap (Brand New Cryto-Currency Just Launched) and cash in one of the Hottest Trends while Positioning Yourself At The Very Beginning (how fortunes are made)!
As more people join our network, the OneCoin will rise up in value and so will your income. Remember the OneCoin, unlike other crytop-currencies, is backed up with REAL gold safely stored in our bank in Dubai and have been verified and audited by a reputable 3rd party agency. Now is the best time time to get started while the price of the coin is at rock bottom.
The Question is, Would you be among the lucky 100 People I will Be revealing this Powerful Business too This Weekend?
Go to
 to Register Now!


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Lib addict#just passing#

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************************Akuko !!!!!! Don't worry

Anonymous said...

Stay away from onecoin. there are other better coins on Polo and Trex. it has no value and cannot be traded else where.

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If is not give away then am not interested at all.....

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Still trying to understand it

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Yet another one?!

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Laberry said...

It's true! Bitcoin is changing lives, join us for a free workshop in Abuja where you will be taught how to make millions using bitcoins, call 08092983454 or 08074236055 for reservations. Attendance is free.

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Linda mkn money snc 2000
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds



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onecoin is real,thats the antedote to recession most especially 2017....learn it and glued to it simple

Ahmed Usman said...

Onecoin is real , instead of turning the opportunity down . Go and do more research on onecoin.
for more info call 08064126061

amedu ojima said...

Thank you Ahmed for the advice on onecoin, i have registered and as well activated a package..
i am extremely happy i took the decision.

amedu ojima said...

after the explanation , i am well informed now .. thank you Mr Ahmed

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