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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Gr8jobsng Launches “Project Employ” an initiative to assist companies and organisations recruit staff at no cost a bid to boost employment in Nigeria. 

The successful launch of the Gr8jobsng platform in June 2016, a platform hailed as the number 1 recruitment platform in Africa, has continued to gather momentum and live up to its name and title by providing top notch world class HR services to Jobseekers, Employers and Professional training institutions registered on the platform.

As part of its goal to Improve Employment in Nigeria and make jobs easily available and accessible to jobseekers, Gr8jobsng is launching its first initiative called “Project Employ” specifically tailored and directed at the employer group which includes SMEs, Large organizations, Multinationals and International companies with particular emphasis on the SME group.  Aptly named Project Employ, the initiative offers Employers the unique opportunity to have their official roles (vacancies) from Intern/Entry level – Senior Management filled at no cost by Gr8jobsng in a bid to help boost employment in Nigeria and to give Jobseekers and Professionals a great opportunity to get hired. With the official announcement of recession in August and the numerous job cuts that followed the recession, this initiative has come at the most opportune moment for jobseekers and professionals who are trying to secure a job or change a job.
“With the experience of having run a HR consulting firm, ‘U-Connect’ for 12 years, I fully understand the recruitment process and how highly important it is to employers to get the right employee, the pain of the recession and what this means for so many Nigerians. We hope to promote employment in Nigeria by offering our recruitment expertise for free to companies and organizations for a few months.” Said Mrs. Omomene Odike, CEO Gr8jobsng powered by U-Connect Human Resources Ltd.
The initiative is billed to run its first edition in the months of November and December 2016 and employers who wish to take advantage of the initiative should; 1. Visit the Gr8jobsng platform on  register as an employer (registration is free) and fill the Project Employ form which can be found under the home tab on the menu bar.

2. Or alternatively send a mail to signifying interest in having roles filled via this initiative and stating the available roles. 3. You may also call on 012778960 and 09086317561 for more information. Mr. Bidemi Ladipo, Head, E-Commerce at Gr8Jobsng said the Project Employ initiative was created out of the company’s passion for supporting the growth of the Nigerian economy particularly at a time of recession and its drive to enhance the availability of Jobs by connecting Job Seekers with Employers from the comfort of their homes using their mobile devices and PCs to get Gr8Jobs on our platform


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Peter Dumore said...

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ojo olugbenga said...

Federal government should as a matter of urgency scrap this company and the rest. They are the set of people that rip off young graduate by giving them peanuts compared to what they get from the company. Contract staff and cheap labour. If a company want to employ let them do so themselves.

Anonymous said...


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Juliet Iwuno said...

Nice concept. Linda take note!

Anonymous said...

The problem here is not hard work but its life that is not fair.

J said...


Vivian Reginalds said...

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-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Anonymous said...

This company has failed already. Their "female" MD is shit. Poorly brought up

Iphie Abraham said...

Oh,this is good

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Loveth Cynthia Loveth said...

nice company

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Anonymous said...

Times are hard, We should appreciate the little people do to help the country's economy and impact lives. Great Initiative by Gr8jobsng, kudos to you!! atleast people get jobs. recruitment is not easy, have you ever tried to get domestic help??? And they want to do this for free nice one

Gr8jobsng said...

Gr8jobsng is committed to improving the lot of the Jobseeker. This initiative is a CSR aimed at getting applicants employed and helping employers find the best fit for their roles.

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