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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Discover how anyone that can browse the internet can use digital marketing & social Media to grow their brand

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& Business faster or make 6 to 7-figures monthly as a digital marketing professional; working or consulting for corporate organizations. Come & learn Cost-Effective and Latest Strategies to Make your Brand and Products Go Viral, Generate Traffic & Leads, Convert & Drive Sales Even in Recession

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Abuja:  December Friday 2nd - Saturday 3rd, 2016

Lagos: December Friday 9th – Saturday 10th, 2016

Now, the Questions are…..

·        Would you like to learn and master the latest, Cost-effective and Efficient Strategies to Amplify your Voice, Create Awareness, Influence, Engage, Generate leads & Drive Sales Even in Recession?

·        Would you like to master one of the thriving and most sought after skills of the 21st century?

·        Are you looking for a thriving service that is in demand which you can provide as part-time or full time business and earn extra income?

·        Would you like to become a Digital Marketing /Social Media Consultant and make good money consulting and managing online campaigns and Social Media accounts for your clients?

·        Would like to learn how to get clients and Digital Marketing jobs and make 6 to 7 figures monthly?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, I congratulate you because you about to discover, learn and master the skills and strategies that ll make the difference in your life, career and business. All you need do is avail yourself to this workshop we are offering at a giveaway course fee and trust me you will be glad you did.

& Business faster or make 6 to 7-figures monthly as a digital marketing professional; working or consulting for corporate organizations. 

Attend this one day intensive course and master one of the most powerful, in-demand and result-oriented skills of the 21st Century and change the game in your Business or Career!

We have mastered the simple system successful brands use to drive sales via Digital Media. The strategy is called Digital Marketing & Social Selling

Strategy and we want to share it with as many that are interested.

Why Digital Marketing & Social Media Selling Strategy?

Because in today’s changing and challenging business landscape; Media is changing, customers are changing, marketing is changing from traditional to digital. Hence, any organization that does not want to be left behind must adopt an online strategy in order to be relevant and gain an edge over competitors.

*                      Because the trend is changing and organizations and brands all over the world and in Nigerian have realized that getting publicity, customers, brand ambassadors, and fans via digital strategy is far cheaper and more effective than other traditional marketing techniques (i.e. T.V, Radio, Billboards, newspaper etc.

*                      Because your prospects and customers (clients) spend more time online these days, surfing the net, searching for information, products or services, reading news, shopping and socializing on the social networks etc, and reaching them online has proved to be more effective and result-oriented.

*                      Because Digital Marketing is one of the skills that is in demand in Nigeria and all over the world and DM professionals and Consultants are raking in good money as employees and/or consultants.

*                       The strategies and skills you will learn from this course is what you/your business need to stay afloat in this this period that the economy is in recession.

*                      In this course your will learn and master these are 3 Proven Ways to Keep your Business Afloat in this period of recession:
  1. Acquire new prospects and leads
  2.  Convert as many of those leads into buyers (customers)
  3.  Get those buyers to buy more or buy more often (or both)!
The Digital Marketing and Social Selling Strategy we want to share with you will help you achieve those 3 ways of making your business profitable. It will literally help you turn thousands of total strangers into repeat buyers (people that buy from you over and over again).

Target Audience

§  For individuals and organizations that want to know how to use the Online Digital Strategies to create awareness and drive sales in a cost-effective and efficient way.

§  Anyone that wants to become a Digital Marketing Consultant part-time or full time; as well as discover how to get clients and create wealth consulting for organizations and high net worth individuals etc.

§  Anyone that wants to learn a skill that is in high demand and jump to a higher pay grade and become indispensible in the job market.

§  Bloggers, Online business owners or E-Commerce Store Owners that wants to learn how to drive traffic to their blogs, online store or websites and how to sell socially online.

·        Those that wants to acquire skills they can use to amply their voice, convey their message, create brand awareness, market and sell any idea, product or services to go viral.

Course Outlines

Day 1 - Beginners Class

o   Introduction to Digital Marketing

o   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Mastery

o   Social Selling Strategy: understanding Social Listening, Social Influencing, Social Networking & Social Selling.

o   Paid Traffic Mastery

o   Social Media Optimization & Marketing on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram,

o   Customer Value Optimization (CVO)

Day 2 - Advanced Class

o   SEO & SEM

o   Content Marketing Mastery

o   Blogging Mastery

o   Copy Writing Mastery

o   Online Advertising & Retargeting

o   Video Marketing Strategy

o   Email Marketing Mastery

o   Conversion Funnel Mastery

o   Analytics & Data Mastery

o   The tools and strategies......

Why Are We Sharing This Knowledge?

What’s the beauty of knowledge not shared? When it can transform the economy of individuals and businesses, especially in this period our economy is in recession. We strongly believe that these skills will make a whole lot of difference in the life, career and business of as many that acquire it.

In view of these, we have resolved to share and impart this knowledge and skill with as many that want to learn how to leverage Digital Media to make things happen and change the game in their career and/or business, and bullet proof themselves and/or organizations from recession and its effects.

Who am I and why Must You Listen to me?

My name is Chiugo Tony Nwokolo,
  I am the Founder/Chief Solutions Officer of Success S. Strategies Solutions, President, Success Strategies Academy. A Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) trained and certified by DigitalMarketer LLC, Texas, USA. A Certified Social Media Strategist, skilled in Customer Acquisition, Customer Value Optimization (CVO), a Serial Online Business & Tech Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger & IT Consultant. Publisher, Good Success TV {  Founder, Computer Village Online <>  I’ve been assisting clients to launch new products, create brand awareness, drive sales and develop an online strategy and dominate their market  for about 7 years now, and we’ve worked with many big brands, both within and outside Nigeria.  Our company consults and manages the Digital Marketing campaigns and Social Media accounts of some high flying companies in Nigeria.

How Much is the Course Fee?

Normally, we charge N50, 000 (Fifty thousand naira only to let anyone into this particular workshop, but we will not charge you that much as we understand the state of the economy today in our country. More so, we want to use this opportunity to give back to the society and empower the youths, especially those that are unemployed, under employed, as well as those looking for ways to create extra income streams.

Therefore, we are offering this course as a way to give back to the society at the token fee stated below;

Day 1 - Friday: Beginners Class - N10, 000 (Ten thousand naira) only.

Day 2
- Saturday: Advanced Class - N15, 000 (Fifteen thousand naira) only

Note: The course fee for Beginners + Advanced Class = N25, 000 only

However one can start with the basic course or take both the basic and advanced course. But the fact is that after the basic or advance course participants will be able to start implementing and managing Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies in their business or that of your clients or employers.

We are charging this token just to cover the cost of the training facilities, training materials and publicity we expend for this course.

The bad news however is that our training facility can only accommodate 20 people, and that’s the number of people we want to share this knowledge with. Therefore, if you don’t want to miss this rare opportunity which we offer at the end of every year, you need to act fast and book your seat now before its sold out.


As stated above we have space for just 20 people for this course and some people have already been booked theirs. So if you really want to be in this workshop we implore you to book your seat before it’s sold out.

Abuja: DevonGnosis Education Ltd, 42, Onitsha, Crescent, Off Gimbiya Street, Garki II, FCT, Abuja

Lagos: Fresh Dew, Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Way, bye Unity B/Stop, Ikeja, Lagos

Workshop Requirements: The course will be hands-on training 70% practical and 30% theory; attendees are expected to come with their laptops and internet modem or can access the internet via the Hotspot at the venue.

Course Covers: -Training Materials and Facilitation, light refreshment and Certificate per participant.

  1.  One month mentorship, support and coaching via email, phone and Facebook and WhatApp group.
  2. Tutorial manuals and materials
  3.  Free Digital Marketing ebooks and tools worth 20K.
  4.  Free Powerful Digital Marketing Tools that will enhance your business growth  - worth 15k
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Anyone interested in this course must fill and submit the Subscription (Registration) Form online, indicating the Course and the location they prefer and make payment, at least 3 days before the event date. This is to enable us make the necessary arrangements, seat reservations and prepare certificates and training materials in advance for all prospective participants in advance.

TO REGISTER FOR THIS COURSE, fill and submit the registration form on our website

Do not hesitate to register for this Course; don’t postpone it tomorrow or later. Just Do it Now because we can’t offer it at this price again. Remember procrastination is the thief of the time. Don’t ever keep tomorrow, next week, next month or next year what you can do today. There will never be a convenient time than now.

For more details
, please call: 0909-454-0396, 0816-696-0951, WhatApp : 0806-829-6897 Email:

PS:  Remember, we could only accommodate 20 people, if you really want to be in this workshop you need to act fast and register before its too late.



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