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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Delar-Freight, one of Nigeria's fastest custom clearing companies

This is a sponsored post...
In this article, I will be taking you through the easy steps you can use to clear your cars/container/cargo from Apapa/Tin-can/Airport Lagos without leaving your bedroom. Virtually all importers in Nigeria should follow these same steps to avoid their money been stucked in the hand of wrong agents.
I Will be proud to hear that you are able to pay your custom duty,terminal charges, shipping charges and all other charges associated with your clearance by yourself after you read this post.. Outlined below is the process for clearing your cargo.

Step 1
a. Process Form M through Consignee's Banker (Proforma invoice needed) Don't worry we will help you determine your custom duty through .
b. Bank will approve Form M
c. Your Supplier/manufacturer will then forward shipping document which include; Bill of Lading, Final invoice and Packing List, Import certificate directly to your bank in Nigeria.
d. Bank will forward the above documents to custom office.
e. Customs generate PAAR within 3 days of receiving final documents.
F. Customs transmits PAAR to importer's bank for collection.
Note: TIN number of Consignee (Company name or personal name) is needed to take any step, including the very first step.
PAAR Processing period: 1 and half week.
Note: We can handle PAAR processing for you at affordable fees.
Step 2:
a. Handover your PAAR & other clearing documents mentioned above to your Clearing agent.
b. Assessment document (custom Debit note) is issued. This document will state clearly total amount of duty payable to Nigeria customs service.
c. Consignee or importer can make payment at customs designated bank  by themselves as assessed on the custom debit note (D\N).
d. This is the most tasking, technical areas in the clearing process;
(a) Examination booking and examination proper
(b) .Processing of SON-CAPP and Nafdac
Please AVOID DEMUR-RAGE and  Let no one BRING you down..
This is why our clients rate us the fastest clearing company in Nigeria.
Contact us today for all your Custom Clearing and Importation needs...
Office: #44 Bombay Crescent, off Talakuta Rd, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: 01-2911515, 08099050213
Whatsapp: 0805621086


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