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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Dear Mums, turn down poor grades and turn up academic excellence for your child #TurnDown2TurnUp

It should come as no surprise that a child’s success or failure at school starts at home. As parents I am sure we all can testify that getting the kids acquainted and focused on academics to attain great heights is one uphill task.

Most of us will most likely get home today and still scold them for getting a poor grade in class work or leaving homework till late. I mean you get home in great need of some real rest but then rest has become almost impossible as Femi’s academic needs screams out your name. And trust me no matter how tired you are you still have to submit totally your attention.

Do you know that you can get good and worry-free rest and still have your child smash all test and exams?  You can get home and won’t have to bother about home works and private study. In all these your child can get very well interested in academics, homeworks and eventually soar above peers.
Expert in academics say all a child needs is to develop the right passion and interest towards learning.
The big question…How can a child develop that long lasting passion for academics?

Prepclass is Africa’s top academic solutions provider in Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt. With over 2500 happy clients across their reach they have been able to provide customized learning solutions for every child and have made academic easy and fun for children. Prepclass provides a one-on-one approach to learning with uncommon technics that will see children attain their best.

With Prepclass you can get a verified teacher/tutor in every academic area with exceptional teaching skills to come teach your child for the rest of the session and your child would attain the greatness he/she deserves. And just in case you need a professional instructor to help your children learn crafts, music and other skills their vast instructors will be willing to bring out the best in your child.

With Prepclass tutors your child can learn the fastest/easiest mathematics tricks to excel in his/her forth coming exams. Using inanimate objects and simple tricks, they make learning as much fun as it can be.

Why not give them a call now on 01-2913970 or 08059811502 or simply click here request for a professional tutor or instructor. Their customer service team would immediately assign a relationship manager that would visit you to fully understand your tutoring needs.

You can also visit their headquarters on the 3rd floor, 315 Herbert Macaulay Way Yaba Lagos or their Abuja office at Ventures Platform, No 29, Mambillia Street, Aso Drive after SSS Headquarters Abuja.

Watch this video and learn/teach the fastest/easiest mathematics tricks for your child to excel in his/her forth coming exams.


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