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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Body contouring & sculpting

Body contouring surgery encompasses a number of different body sculpting techniques used by cosmetic surgeons to reshape almost any area of the body. Through body sculpting surgery, patients can effectively eliminate excess fat and skin that are unresponsive to diet and exercise...

•    ARM
•    TUMMY (Tummy Tuck)
•    CHIN
•    THIGH
•    LIP
•    MALE BREAST (Gynaecomastia)


Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgery with a minimal risk, done to improve and reshape the body. Liposuction does not require you spending days after the procedure, you can return to your daily activity as soon as you feel comfortable.
Fat removed from one part of the body can be injected to other parts where contouring is desired (fat transfer). This same fat can serve as a good substitute for prosthetics breast implants or silicon breast  implant which we noticed  that many, especially the colored skin are  averse to it.

The Brazilian butt lift
(BBL) is a type of butt augmentation procedure which results in youthful, prominent, perky buttocks and a more sensual body profile. The surgical procedure uses your own fat, so it is the most natural way to augment your buttocks.
After liposuction, the fat suctioned from specified area of your body is carefully processed and purified before injecting into the buttocks. In most cases, fat cells extracted will be qualified for re-injection.

Tummy Tuck(Abdominoplasty)
Removing excess fat and skin, restores weakened or separated muscles, creating an abdominal profile that is smoother and firmer.
Even individuals of otherwise normal body weight and proportion can develop an abdomen that protrudes or is loose and sagging.


Stretch marks occur when the skin doesn't bounce back after it has been stretched due to pregnancy, rapid weight gain, extreme weight loss, or use of toning and bleaching products. Hence, stretch marks seem to be caused, literally, by stretching of the skin.
Many have been asking how effective and how true stretch marks can be treated. Some even wish the stretch marks could disappear overnight; the truth is we can assure you the best treatment that can rejuvenate and bring back the beauty of your skin.

How We Work
We use the fraxel or fractional laser or simply called, the CO2 in the treatment of stretch mark.
With a fraxel or CO2 laser, you are sure of the result of treatment. This laser works on two principles which are, removing some layers of the skin involved and also sending heat to the dermis to stimulate more collagen formation.
The first few days will cause reddening and darkening of the area involved, with exfoliation and discomfort.
Subsequently there will be total removal of the stretch mark in the involved area because of the new skin formation and collagen formation in the involved area.
There are also options of micro needling, derma brasion and chemical peel with the combined use of medical products to cause new cell renewal and collagen stimulation.
Common complications are: Redness, Pain, Hyperpigmentation, Scarring, Superficial wound.

Glutathione Skin Whitening Treatment

Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps whiten the skin, synthesize and repair DNA, facilitate the recycling of vitamins C and E and it is made of all-natural amino acids that occur in nature and are beneficial to our bodies. Glutathione can be found in many healthy foods that people eat on a regular basis, some of which are actually considered among the healthiest foods in the world such as asparagus, broccoli, spinach, garlic, raw tomatoes and avocadoes however they won’t actually work to whiten your skin because of the low amount gotten from these foods.
Glutathione is commonly taken in the pill form or it can also be taken via intravenous injection, though you’ll need to visit your dermatologist to have this procedure done. Glutathione injections are highly effective and as such many dermatologists recommend Glutathione injections because they get 100-percent of the dose into your bloodstream. This antioxidant slows your body’s aging process and helps the body to detoxify. Most people use glutathione in the treatment of skin blemishes such as moles, freckles, uneven skin tone, age spots, skin patches, spots, wrinkles and getting a light skin. Therefore it is the best anti-aging product in the market now. It can also be done in combination with other skin procedures to enhance the effect of the drug.

This is a common skin problem that affects both the young and old, either in the active phase or reminiscence stage with scarring of the face, arm, back and shoulder. While it might sound funny, from our observation and experience, acne affects teenagers and it is also common in people in their early age. Many adults are also living with the consequences of acne they had in past or the complications from the acne or as a result of products recommended by people or cosmetic shops.
It should be clear that a block or clog of the skin pore will result into acne after the sebaceous gland secretion fails to get to the surface of the skin. In addition there are also organisms in or on the skin that facilitate more oil production with resultant effect of more acne or oil production.

What can be done?

An understanding of a good and appropriate treatment for the face is very important. Treatment of the menace starts from visit to a specialist doctor or getting the right recommendation of


Women are not just only concerned about their body; they feel more concerned about their Vagina. Some men even categorize women based on how wide or loose the vagina is. They seem to forget age, child birth and frequency of sexual intercourse affects the firmness of the vagina. Some are even opting for caesarian section to reduce this effect. Loose Vagina is one of the most embarrassing problems that can negatively affect a satisfied relationship, vaginal dryness, which is extremely uncomfortable and painful during sex, may be misinterpreted by your partner as an uncaring attitude and a lack of interest in sex. Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation is approximately an hour outpatient procedure designed to enhance sexual gratification. While the details of this procedure will be discussed with the Consultant during your consultation, it is important to understand the primary goal of vaginal tightening is to enhance sexual gratification for the patient. This is achieved by reducing the external diameter of the vagina and tightening the internal muscles to a patient’s specifications, thereby increasing friction experienced during intercourse. It also increases the collagen production in the mucous layer in the vagina area, leading to a more firm introitus.


Telangiectasia is a condition in which widened venules (tiny blood vessels) cause thread-like red lines or patterns on the skin. These patterns, or telangiectases, form gradually and often in clusters. They are sometimes known as “spider veins” because of their fine and web-like appearance.Remember, there can be physiologic condition that can make the veins obvious e.g pregnancy. At most times, there are problem with either the superficial or deep veins and therefore it makes them more obvious. Sometimes pregnancy makes the condition worse.

•    In some cases, there are defect with the veins, even from birth which will become obvious while growing up.
•    It can also, lead to skin discolouration and subsequently wound on the leg.
•    Sometime  problems with these veins can manifest as small multiple veins on the legs called Spider Veins or Telangiectasia

  •   The treatment takes less than an hour and provides immediate relief of symptoms.
  •  Immediate return to normal activity with little or no pain. There may be minor soreness or bruising, which can be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers.
  •  No scars or stitches - because the procedure does not require a surgical incision, just a nick in the skin, about the size of a pencil tip.
Who Is at Risk of Contracting Telangiectasia

Those who:
•    work outdoors
•    sit or stand all day
•    suffer from alcoholism
•    are pregnant
•    are older or elderly people

1, Botox in Facial Ageing
2. Wound and Wound care

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Yes, liposuction is a body contouring operation. It removes unwanted bulges and contour deformities and redefines body outline. It is not for weight loss. Liposuction is suitable for patients whose weight is in within normal range. Result is permanent as long as healthy life style is maintained. - Dr Ashish Davalbhakta @aesthetics Medispa Pune, India

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