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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Are you a HND/3rd Class/Pass Degree Holder?

There is good news for graduates with a 3rd Class and Pass, OND or HND holders with big dreams or those with decent enough results in their ‘assigned’ courses who are looking to pursue their dream careers. There are courses that aid graduates in achieving their goals, regardless of the class of degree or course previously studied.


Many students, especially in Nigerian universities never really end up studying the course of their choice or their dreams, rather they settle for whatever course is available, thinking that the most important thing is to have a degree.
What is a Top Up Degree: A top Up degree is an additional year spent at a reputable University Internationally that gives students a 2nd chance of graduating with a better degree qualification in 1year.
Who are Top Up Degrees for: Top-up degrees are for those who have successfully completed a BSC/HND (Higher National Diploma) Degree and want to study further and progress onto the final year of an Honours degree programme.
·        There are a number of benefits in topping up your current qualification to an Honours degree. By completing the top up course you will help to demonstrate to an employer that you have the academic, organisational and management skills needed for your chosen career path.
·        Topping up to a degree at Honours level may also open up further opportunities available to you in the future.
·        An International recognised degree.
·        It replaces your 3rd Class Qualification with your most recent performance result.
·        It’s a better qualification to seek better employment.
·        A top-up degree gives you a second chance in life.
·        A top-up degree will prove that you are much better than your previous qualification.
·        A competivity advantage.
·        The conversion program is for one year.
To find out how to apply, register below and we will send you the requirements and how best you can apply.
For further enquiries:
Tel: 08097989324


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Uju Phil said...

I hear you...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

GOD PUNISH the person who prepared this write up for Categorising HND with third class and pass. Can u just imagine.

Anonymous said...

GOD PUNISH the person who prepared this write up for Categorising HND with third class and pass. Can u just imagine.

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Iphie Abraham said...

Not my level

Lib addict#just passing#

Anonymous said...

At what cost?

Anonymous said...

This is madness why should they marching HND with pass or third class in university.
They should rethink.

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O Boy, na money thing ooo

Anonymous said...

Is third class not grade? God punish you

ogechi juliet said...

So HND is been grouped with 3rd class and pass? Una get sense at all?

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