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Monday, 10 October 2016

Why most Nigerians will remain broke

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Hi, My Name is Dan Ewah.I’m the President of WittyGiants; an organization passionately committed to creating awareness for Financial Freedom opportunities.
Today, I want to talk with You about Why Most Nigerians are broke and unfortunately why most will remain broke.
Have You considered why someone can work for 35 years and still retire broke?
You may say it’s because they were extravagant or they did not invest but that is only a secondary reason.
The major reason is because they held most of their earnings in Fiat or Paper Money (be it Naira, Dollar, Euro or pounds) and you could be making the same mistake yourself.

The fact is that Paper Money is always depreciating in value because the Government of every nation has the right to print their currency and the more currency they print, the less valuable that currency becomes.

The last time I checked, inflation was at 17.6%, it could be more now; this means your savings has lost value by 17.6%.
So when your Landlord increases your rent, it doesn’t mean his house has appreciated or he has renovated the house, he is just telling you that Naira has lost value and he needs more Naira to get value for his property.

When your children’s school increases their fees, it doesn’t mean that they have hired better teachers; they are just saying your Naira has lost value.

Do you know that when the masses protest for an increase in salary or minimum wage, they are actually doing the rich the favour of making them richer?
Oh Yes, the rich benefits more from the protests than the masses themselves who are on the street protesting.

Let Me explain…

If the Government increases minimum wage to N50,000 from the current N18,000 for example; the Government will have more Money from You since the value of the 10% they get from you as tax would have increased.
You will also have more Money since minimum wage has been increased.

Guess what will happen… Inflation will set in.

We were taught in basic Economics that when there’s too much Money in circulation the prices of Goods & services will increase. So house rent will increase…

Let me ask you, who own the houses? The Rich or the Poor?
School fees will increase…Who own the schools?
Transport fares will increase…Who own the buses and the airlines?

So you see that it’s only a matter of time and all the Money would have returned back to the Rich and the masses will yet get on the street again for another round of protests that will yet make the Rich richer.
It’s a rat race, this cycle has continued for far too long.

The way out is an investment in Cryptocurrency… A currency that only appreciates, never depreciates… that is what the rich are investing in right now.

Men like Bill Gates and Richard Branson have not only endorsed it but have acknowledged that they are heavy investors in it.
That’s why I’m inviting you for a Cryptocurrency Webinar (that is, an Online Seminar).
You do not need to travel or commute, right from the comfort of your home from your Smartphone, Tab or Laptop you are on for that 1 hour that can change your Financial Life forever.

This free Webinar is holding this Sunday by 5pm.
And you should plan to attend because what you don’t know, you just don’t know and until you change your approach, the reproach may continue.

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I say congratulations to You in advance.
Remember, You are MADE FOR MORE; You are MORE THAN THIS.
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Uju Phil said...

Wetin this one dey yarn,mtew! #Rubbish

livingstone chibuike said...

Not interested

Eddy Ogbunambala said...


john doe said...

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Quite Lamp said...

What I find most Ironic about this past October 1st is that Peter Obi and President Muhammadu Buhari both spoke on Independence Day yet we cannot remember what President Buhari said and cannot forget what Peter Obi said. Days after, the Nigerian media have moved on from President Buhari’s speech and are still digesting and re digesting the powerful points that Peter Obi gave WITHOUT READING FROM A SPEECH!!


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Jamila Shaibu said...

Ok nice

Post my comment

Ogenah Boris said...


ike manuel said...

Issokay.. #Noted

Na me talk am!

Long Live Lib!!!

Juliet Iwuno said...

Issokay seen! Linda take note!

daniel ubong said...

What is he saying pls,get off this blog mbok.

Anonymous said...

scam!!! if you have a way of making money,you will try to protect it instead of exposing it to everyone unless you are now super comfortable like linda and the rest which i guess you are not so chill. if you love people so much to teach them how to make money why collect money from them.

Anonymous said...

This person is a scam artist. So, he is saying that all developed countries with healthy minimum wages in place are killing their economy? What a fool. What he should know (if indeed he studied some basic economy) is that the Central Bank of Nigeria can also battle Inflation by increasing their central bank rate. Also, a Naira with a low value, means that Nigerian products are suddenly much cheaper for the outside world to buy. This will increase the income of Nigeria.

There a many ways to battle inflation, and still help the people have a normal decent wage. But that is not in the interest of this guy, as clearly he is doing a 419.

And also, Bill Gates and Richard Branson do not care for "Crypto Currencies". This story is really like the stories I get in my spam folder everyday from other Nigerian scam artists. It is a shame that Linda is allowing these fools on her website.

Anonymous said...

So you gave linda 50k so you can scam people with your crypto nonsense

khadijat ayinla said...

ok what you are saying make sense but my problem is you dont look rich or sound rich yourself so why should i believe you? you have to look the part to act the part... i believe you are just trying to make money off people who would apply for this when you know about all these stuff that can makr you rich not do it so you can be rich instead of exploiting people

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