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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Hexagon luxury office in Lekki Phase 1

Now you have the chance to own a high-profile fully serviced luxury office space in Lekki Phase I, the heart of Lagos. No need to worry about power, internet, cleaning, security and other maintenance requirements, we take the stress off you so you can focus on your major work.

The Hexagon provides a whole new level of sophistication of a private virtual office, our offices have been carefully designed and tastefully furnished to match up with world standard in a very prominent location such as Lekki Phase I.
The following are the features the Hexagon provides:
  • Prime location; the office is located in the heart of Lekki which is one of the most prominent corporate business area in Lagos. The surrounding is quite serene and well secured.
  • A soft lounge right downstairs in the same office building to help you get a break from that giddy task.
  • An outdoor lounge with natural grass, flowers and a waterfall/fountain and wood finishing designs provides a sensational and relaxing feeling for you to have a drink, relax  and socialize and not be far from your work environment
  • Each office is tastefully furnished with trendy and classy furniture that  meets today’s standards
  • Programmed telephones for local and international calls through office automated forwards by a designated operator to assure professionalism with prospective and existing clients
  • High speed broad band wireless internet
  • 24 hours power supply
  • Each offices is fully air conditioned
  • A spacious and  fully fitted kitchen to help you have a your meals in a very relaxing manner with  complimentary  chilled water from a dispenser
  • Ample parking spaces for all tenants
  • The meeting rooms was fitted with you in mind, it allows video conferencing as well as live training sessions and can also sit about 20 people. We also have an alternative meeting room in the case where the major one is in use.
  • A professional and efficient admin team (Receptionist, Uniform Security officers, Corporate cleaners and office assistant) are available 24 hours to tend to your needs.
  • Programmed access cards to enable payment renewal reminders and important free flow of information as well as CCTV for maximum security.
For inquiry and to book an inspection:
Call:07065310391, 08174672603
Instagram: @thehexagoncompany


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john doe said...

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