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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The gown that froze time

Patrick wasn’t the type of person to show emotions, especially out in public. He wasn’t even emotional as a person, but he had been prepared to fake it and be extra romantic on his wedding day. He had even practiced for hours in front of the mirror, but he hadn’t expected this.

The moment he saw his beautiful bride take the first step into the church, time froze. It was something indescribable. The music went silent, the congregation disappeared. It was just him and his beautiful bridein her beautiful dress. The veil was over her face, but he could still take in all her beauty. It was something absolutely breath-taking.

Patrick felt a nudge on his arm and looked to see Tunde, his bestman, handing him a handkerchief, and he suddenly realized he had tears on his face!
He finally understood what Tunde meant when he had said,
“When you see Dami in her Bridestead dress, you won’t be able to hold yourself”.
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