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Monday, 10 October 2016

PropertyBank Rebrands to PropertyVault

A real estate solution company with on-line property listing presence has announced a change of trademark from PropertyBank™ to PropertyVault Limited.

According to the corporate communications officer – Okuma Bridget “this name change is targeted at correcting the impression and perception of many who assumed PropertyBank to be a financial institution; and in order not to mislead the general public we rebranded to PropertyVault.

According to her, PropertyVault Limited as the name depicts, is a pool of several real estate products and services under working agreements with numerous Developers, Agents, PMI’s and Micro Finance Institutions. 

We are currently operating in Lagos and Abuja, and our company will continue to rapidly expand its diverse and specialized range of professional Real Estate services throughout the Nation. Our name and logo may have changed but our services remain the same.We are determined to maintain the iconic and recognizable mark in the Nigerian real estate sector. 

At PropertyVault Limited, we specialize in helping people find their ideal homes and to make this possible we have created various Real Estate solutions to the housing problems in Nigeria such as Rent Actuation – RENT NOW PAY LATER, MY HOUSE PROJECT, and a pool of over 20,000 affordable properties for sale, rent and lease through our online platform –

Contact PropertyVault today for all your property need via the following channels:
Call: 07002224444(Lagos), 08122227373 (Abuja)
Facebook: PropertyVaultng
Linkedin: PropertyVault Ng
Twitter: PropertyVaultNG
Instagram: PropertyVault

PropertyVault Ltd – “The Nigerian Real Estate Vault”


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